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httpi 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require httpi

kumo_dockercloud 3.6.0

Use to create Redbubble environments on the DockerCloud platform

21,772 下载

baby-braspag 0.4.2

baby braspag gem to use Braspag gateway

19,794 下载

overpass-api-ruby 0.3.1

A Ruby wrapper for OpenStreetMap Overpass API

18,914 下载

atpay_ruby 0.0.17

Ruby bindings for the @Pay API

18,853 下载

stubby 0.0.13

Declarative hosts / proxy management for multi-environment development

18,149 下载

sovaa 0.0.8

CouchDB library

16,624 下载

eyeq_metadata 1.3.4

Request Gracenote EyeQ metadata using the eyeq api

15,772 下载

arbor 1.0.3

Interface for the Arbor Education REST API.

15,564 下载

commcare_api 0.3.3

A CommCare API wrapper in Ruby

15,202 下载

endow 1.2.1

A library to assist in consuming API endpoints.

14,381 下载

romniture 0.0.5

A library that allows access to Omniture's REST API libraries (

14,080 下载

stamps 0.5.0

Stamps is backed library for creating postage labels, calculate the shipping...

14,030 下载

anadea-mailsocio-qa 0.1.7

Mailsocio Quality Assurance

13,669 下载

bandwidth 0.0.4

More detail here:

13,415 下载

em-riak 0.2.92

An extremely fast and convenient riak client for eventmachine.

12,860 下载

weather-forecasts 1.2.7

Utilizing the NDFD (National Weather Service Digital Forecast Database), weather foreca...

12,663 下载

cbraspag 0.9.4

Braspag: brazilian gateway, agnostic, support all features in braspag

12,484 下载

braspag-pagador 1.0.1

Braspag: brazilian gateway, agnostic, support all features in braspag

11,706 下载

url_validation 1.2.0

A simple, localizable EachValidator for URL fields in ActiveRecord 3.0.

10,596 下载

loyalty_lab_sdk 0.0.3

Full documentation of the API is at

10,510 下载

httpi-adapter-typhoeus 1.0.0

An adapter for HTTPI that uses Typhoeus

10,450 下载

wiziq-ruby 0.0.5

wiziq is a Ruby gem that provides a wrapper for interacting with the WiZiQ conferencing...

10,392 下载

http_monkey 0.0.4

A fluent interface to do HTTP calls, free of fat dependencies and at same time, powered...

9,425 下载

bitstamp-2 0.7.1

Ruby API for use with bitstamp.

9,141 下载

savon-ng-1.6 2.4.1

This a fork from Daniel Harrington's savon with nokogiri updated to 1.6

8,892 下载

openstack_bridge 1.0.1

Openstack ruby integration

8,141 下载

celsius-primo 0.1.4

Generic primo celsius adapter

8,088 下载

bing-content-api 0.3.3

Interface with Bing Content API for managing Shopping Ads.

7,799 下载

ives 0.2.0

Ruby gem to access the IVES Venue ID API

7,564 下载

ives 0.2.0

Ruby gem to access the IVES Venue ID API

7,564 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.2