Unofficial gem for connecting to with their soap-api and handle your contact needs. Memotoo lets your synchronize all your contacts, events and tasks with yahoo, gmail, facebook, xing, outlook, your mobile-phone and more. You can also get your e-mails in one place.Features of memotoo: New mobile? Transfer all your data to your new device! Synchronise your data with your mobile phone (with SyncML) Access all your e-mail in a single page from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN, ...! View your data on your mobile phone (WAP / XHTML) Access your contacts using a LDAP directory Access your files via a Web Folder Access your files via FTP Add Memotoo widgets to iGoogle, Netvibes, Windows Vista, Apple Dashboard, ... Memotoo plugins for your browser

installgem install memotoo

Karsten Redmer

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gem 'memotoo', '~> 2.0.3'
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