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httplog 的反向依赖 1.4.2

ibm_watson 1.3.0

Official client library to use the IBM Watson Services

50,901 下载

rancher-api 0.7.0

Ruby gem to easily connect to Rancher API. Via this gem you can do anything that API le...

22,499 下载

ibm_cloud_sdk_core 1.1.1

Official IBM Cloud SDK core library

16,448 下载

klarna_client 0.9.1

Provides a Ruby interface to the current Klarna API

12,290 下载

wcc-media-client 0.4.9

REST Client for accessing the WCC Media library

9,183 下载

wcc-api 0.3.1

Holds common code used in our applications that host APIs and those that consume them.

8,422 下载

weixin_js_sdk 0.0.3

A Weixin JS-SDK toolkit.

4,866 下载

wcc-contentful 0.3.0

Contentful API wrapper library for Watermark apps

4,424 下载

mobius-client 0.7.1

Mobius Ruby Client

4,301 下载

colppy 0.3.3

Allow to interact with the services available on the Colppy API (https://colppy.atlassi...

4,174 下载

granatum-api 0.1.0

Cliente ruby para integração com a API do Granatum. Maiores informações http://www.gran...

2,545 下载

all3dp 0.1.4

Send 3D files to the All3DP API

1,913 下载

centralpos 0.2.3

Ruby wrapper for the CentralPos WebService

1,888 下载

rong_cloud 0.1.0

Unofficial RongCloud API wrapper.

1,515 下载

shipnow 0.1.0

This gem allows developers to use the services available in the ShipNow API (http://www...

1,464 下载

wcc-contentful-app 0.2.2

Contentful API wrapper library exposing an ActiveRecord-like interface

1,435 下载

finnegans 0.1.4

Allows to interact with Finnegans's API.

1,245 下载

rancher-api-beta 0.8.1

Ruby gem to easily connect to Rancher v2-beta API. Via this gem you can do anything tha...

1,213 下载

mercadopago-custom-checkout 0.1.2

Allow to interact withthe services available in the MercadoPago Custom Checkout API (ht...

1,202 下载

nedbank_api 0.2.5

Nedbank API gem makes communicating with the Nedbank API quick and easy

878 下载

pushme-aws 0.1.0

Add some basic feature to deal with push notifications through AWS SNS Mobile Push Noti...

463 下载

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这个版本 4,382

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.2