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ion1-mischacks 0.0.5

Miscellaneous methods that may or may not be useful. sh:: Safely pass untrusted parameters to sh scripts. fork_and_check:: Run a block in a forked process and raise an exception if the process returns a non-zero value. do_and_exit, do_and_exit!:: Run a block. If the block does not run exit!, a successful exec or equivalent, run exit(1) or exit!(1) ourselves. Useful to make sure a forked block either runs a successful exec or dies. Any exceptions from the block are printed to standard error. overwrite:: Safely replace a file. Writes to a temporary file and then moves it over the old file. tempname_for:: Generates an unique temporary path based on a filename. The generated filename resides in the same directory as the original one. try_n_times:: Retries a block of code until it succeeds or a maximum number of attempts (default 10) is exceeded. Exception#to_formatted_string:: Returns a string that looks like how Ruby would dump an uncaught exception. IO#best_datasync:: Tries fdatasync, falling back to fsync, falling back to flush.


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