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logrotate 1.2.1

This package is a library of methods that perform log rotation on files and directories. The log rotate methods allow the caller to specify options (via parameters) such as how many rotated files to keep, what type of extension to place on the rotated file (date or a simple count), and whether to zip the rotated files. Live log files (currently being written to by a live process) can be rotated as well. The post_rotate option is useful in that context, as it can be used to send a HUP signal to notify the live process to reopen its log file. This package was inspired by the need to have a library version of the unix logrotate tool. The unix logrotate tool requires the user to specify options in a config file, and is usually invoked through cron. Directories can be rotated with this library. However, the gzip option does not work with directories. In this case, please zip/tar the directory in question before invoking this library.

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  1. 1.2.1 - January 17, 2010 (14.5 KB)
  2. 1.2.0 - October 21, 2009 (14 KB)
  3. 1.1.0 - August 27, 2008* (13 KB)
  4. 1.0.0 - July 17, 2008* (9.5 KB)

Development Dependencies (3):

gemcutter >= 0.3.0
hoe >= 2.5.0
rubyforge >= 2.0.3



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