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myspaceid-sdk 0.1.11

MySpaceID lets your users log on using their MySpace account info, after which their MySpaceID data becomes available; that is, your web servers will be able to communicate with our web servers and request user data. This SDK project contains examples of the base API code necessary to make signed requests against the MySpaceID REST API. To use the MySpaceID API, you first need to register on the MySpace Developer Site, create an app, and obtain a consumer key and secret. Information about these procedures, and about MySpaceID in general, is available at the MySpaceID Developer Wiki: The MySpaceID Ruby SDK enables you to work with MySpace data using the OpenStack (OpenID, OAuth etc) and the MySpace REST APIs via easy-to-use high level interfaces. The best way to implement your own application is to take an existing sample and customize it. Working Examples in this SDK: * OAuth - make signed requests * OpenID + OAuth Hybrid - delegated login, and making signed requests Documentation * Ruby SDK Documentation Summary: samples/rails/README * Ruby SDK - API Documentation:


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