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net-dnsの被依存性 0.9.0

bettercap 1.6.2

BetterCap is the state of the art, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM framewo...

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imagine_cms 5.2.4

See README for details.

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auger 1.4.6

Auger: test-driven ops

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elibri_watermarking 0.9.9

Gem designed to help in use of Elibri watermarking API.

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bosh-cloudfoundry 0.7.6

Create & manage Cloud Foundry deployments

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project-honeypot 0.1.2

Project-Honeypot provides a programatic interface to the Project Honeypot services. It ...

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dap 1.2.6

DAP reads data using an input plugin, transforms it through a series of filters, and pr...

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tuktuk 0.7.1

Easy way of sending DKIM-signed emails from Ruby, no dependencies needed.

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email_campaign 0.1.10

See README for details.

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brighter_planet_deploy 0.0.6

Brighter Planet deployment system, published as the gem brighter_planet_deploy. Interna...

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dorothy2 2.0.0

A malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.

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elbow 0.0.6

Capistrano plugin for deploying to an AWS Elastic Load Balancer

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hast 0.3.2

HAST stands for 'Hosting Account Status Tool'. HAST is a tool for fetching domai...

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hansef-checkdomain 1.0.9

Easily check a domain's availability from the commandline. Usage: checkdomain domain [...

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puppet-pssh 0.3.2

Puppet parallel-ssh integration

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latte 0.0.4

Talks DNS and passes queries back to a query resolver build by you that just talks Ruby

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rebbler 0.0.8

DNS Block List Lookup Tool

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domain-probe 2.0.0

A simple library to probe the dns records under specific domain, as many as possilbe

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enricher 0.0.7

Enricher, the IP and URL data enhancer

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reversed 0.3.0

Reverse DNS / IP Lookup for Ruby

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r53watch 0.1.2

Check that your zones are actually delegated to AWS Route53 correctly

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project_honeypot 0.3.1

Project-Honeypot provides a programatic interface to the Project Honeypot services. It ...

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srvy 0.0.1

SRV-based service discovery

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cancer 0.1.0.a1

Building XMPP clients should be easy.

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qpay 1.6.0

api doc:

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jungler 0.0.1

Takes a domain in parameters and gives info about hosting

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epaudit 0.1.0

Audit HTTP endpoints for a variety of issues

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chkdfront 1.0.2

Check Domain Fronting (chkdfront) - It checks if domain fronting implementation is work...

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