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patronの被依存性 0.13.3

webmock 3.7.6

WebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.

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elasticsearch-transport 7.3.0

Ruby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.

27,776,402 ダウンロード

elasticsearch-extensions 0.0.31

Extensions for the Elasticsearch Rubygem

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httplog 1.3.2

Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helpful for tracking API calls ...

897,945 ダウンロード

suitcase 1.7.0

Ruby library that utilizes the EAN ( API for locating available hotels and ...

66,293 ダウンロード

rufus-jig 1.0.0

Json Interwebs Get. An HTTP client, greedy with JSON content, GETting conditionall...

56,146 ダウンロード

vk-ruby 1.0.2

VK-RUBY gives you full access to all API features. Has several types of method ...

52,619 ダウンロード

html-pipeline-linuxfr 0.15.7 HTML processing filters and utilities, adapted from those of GitHub

43,330 ダウンロード

sniffer 0.3.2

Analyze HTTP Requests

38,030 ダウンロード

hbase-stargate 1.6.1

A Ruby client used to interact with HBase through its Stargate web service front-end

34,883 ダウンロード

image_vise 0.8.0

Image processing via URLs

34,191 ダウンロード

served 0.4.3

Served provides an easy to use model layer for communicating with disributed Rails base...

33,873 ダウンロード

moob 0.5.0

Control systems using Web-based out-of-band managers without a browser

31,276 ダウンロード

exchange-rates-generator 0.1.4

Generates a classes (or class like things) that can translate currency values in a spec...

30,661 ダウンロード

crowd-client 0.1.6

A simple rest client for Crowd

27,917 ダウンロード

crapapult 0.0.10

Yammer's Capistrano-based deploy crap.

24,745 ダウンロード

google_geocoding 0.2.1

GoogleGeocoding is a small library for performing geocoding using the Google's HTTP geo...

21,770 ダウンロード

jackal-cfn 0.2.28

CFN callback helpers

18,821 ダウンロード

connexionz 1.0.4

A Ruby wrapper for the Connexionz bus api

17,750 ダウンロード

amazonian 0.2.0

Easy to use ruby module for the Amazon Product Advertising API

14,340 ダウンロード

votesmart 0.4.1

A wrapper for the Project Vote Smart API

13,668 ダウンロード

isotope11-suitcase 1.7.12

Ruby library that utilizes the EAN ( API for locating available hotels and ...

13,484 ダウンロード

binnacle 0.5.0

Binnacle Distributed Logging and Push Service. See

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rthbound-suitcase 1.7.7

Ruby library that utilizes the EAN ( API for locating available hotels and ...

13,283 ダウンロード

piwik-tracker 0.1.1

Record visits, page views, Goals, in a Piwik server

13,109 ダウンロード

bolide_client 0.0.4

Ruby client for Bolide API

12,951 ダウンロード

zenvia 0.0.8

Zenvia Ruby Gem - Send SMS by Zenvia API

11,762 ダウンロード

pcapr 0.0.7

a library for downloading all pcap files from

9,935 ダウンロード

togman 0.5

Transfer time from Toggl to Mantis

9,652 ダウンロード

goatless 0.1.21

Tool for translation friends into RSS-feed

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