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plantwatchdog 0.0.1

A watchdog for your technical plant, e.g. a photovoltaic generator. The plant watchdog listens to data loggers, which continuously upload measurements of plant parameters. Based on that data the watchdog creates reports about the operational status.


This software is being developed to monitor a photovoltaic generator. We found that it would make sense to keep the domain specific knowledge out of the code and instead provide a DSL to allow users to define their rules. Therefore this software should be useful to monitor any kind of technical plant.

At the time being the focus of development is to

  • make it reasonably stable

  • run per-day aggregations

  • show intraday and monthly diagrams

With more data being available the task of finding deviations from regular operation is becoming feasible. Therefore expected values of parameters must be calculated and compared with actual values: the users must be allowed to define a model of the plant.


  1. 0.0.2 - February 11, 2010 (275 KB)
  2. 0.0.1 - February 09, 2010 (268 KB)

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  • Plant Watchdog Team

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