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Dependencias inversas para protected_attributes Latest version of the following gems require protected_attributes

caboose-cms 1.0.2

CMS built on rails with love.

1.671.780 Descargas


FlyData Agent

280.446 Descargas

spud_core 1.0.6

Spud Core Engine

133.205 Descargas

restpack_service 0.0.83

RestPack service base

110.116 Descargas

test_dummy 0.5.0

Test Dummy allows you to define how to fake models automatically so that you can use du...

41.644 Descargas

rails-client-logger 1.1.1

Rails engine for logging from Browser Javascript to server

34.658 Descargas

rearview 1.2.3

Timeseries data monitoring framework running as a rails engine

32.712 Descargas

authstrategies 0.1.43

AuthStrategies is a Warden implementation for sinatra.

32.238 Descargas

acts_rateable 0.1.0

Rails 3 Bayesian Ratings Gem

32.047 Descargas

voluntary 0.7.1

#Crowdsourcing management system for #RubyOnRails:

30.323 Descargas

killbill-zendesk 3.0.1

Kill Bill notification plugin for Zendesk.

29.172 Descargas

enju_core 0.1.0

Core module for Next-L Enju

27.698 Descargas

days 0.2.0

Simple blog system built up with Sinatra.

24.018 Descargas

loyal_core 0.0.11

Description of LoyalCore.

21.952 Descargas

invoice_bar 0.0.11

Rails Engine for single-entry invoicing.

20.029 Descargas

delayed_job_active_record_threaded 0.0.5

Allows going through delayed job queues using threads instead of processes

20.012 Descargas

airdata 0.4.1

Rails engine for adding aviation related models and data to your web application

19.188 Descargas


A rails engine that lets you mount a job search engine

16.238 Descargas

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

15.900 Descargas

rails_api_doc 0.0.8

This engine provides the UI for generating documentation for apis using apidocjs - Beta...

10.827 Descargas

home_page 0.0.6

#Ruby on #Rails CMS with #Crowdsourcing support changes:

8.675 Descargas

mustwin_devise_oauth2_providable 1.1.6

Rails3 engine that adds OAuth2 Provider support to any application built with Devise au...

8.275 Descargas

ae-be_strong 0.1.3

Strong parameter converter.

7.033 Descargas

sinatra-videoman 0.0.3

Sinatra video manager

6.430 Descargas

log_book 0.1.7

Storing an events log book

5.856 Descargas

nucleo_client 0.0.3

Cliente do nucleo

5.756 Descargas

custom_report 0.0.2

Use CustomReports to get a good quick glipse into your application data.

5.537 Descargas

tiny_passport 0.0.3

Description of TinyPassport.

5.484 Descargas

schemer_rails 0.0.3

A rails gem that lets you create multiple choice questions and an interface to analyze ...

4.887 Descargas


The Forge CMS dependency gem for Ruby 2.0.

4.579 Descargas

Total de descargas 10.015.378

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