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qa_robusta 0.1.9

QA Robusta is an automation framework easing pain points away from automation test case writers. How is pain relieved? * Elements, such as links, buttons, and other html objects are defined in one location. This ensures over time the user won't have definitions spread out throughout different layers of code requiring time consuming updates if the application under test is modified. * Well defined flows allows the user to have a common means for navigating and controlling interactions with the application under test. This takes all logic out of test classes and yields in higher more modular code re-use. * When an application requiring testing has the elements and flows implemented less code savy resources can easily add new test cases once trained on how to access the flows and elements. * When ever a link or button is clicked a screen shot is taken * Results are available under site/results directory in html format. Report includes the rdoc on a per test class method along with any screen shots taken. Example report: * Transparent remote Unix command execution leading to well defined interfaces for common task. For example, one may have a class defined specifically for RemoteUnixNetwork. This class would have methods such as, assign_ip, ifup, ifdown, etc. This class then would be able to perform these task on any remote Unix machine. * Executes the same on Windows or Linux/Unix environments. Developers have the freedom to develop on the platform of choice. * Mechanize extension: Allows the user to define a web application's page elements in a YAML format and provide navigation paths accessing the YAML structure to interact with the web application. Users can also perform direct or any other mechanize functionality when defining state-full interfaces to hit a web application without going through a browser.


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