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rails_config_model_generator 1.2.2

DESCRIPTION: Creates a configuration controller and model that can be used to quickly create configuration table for your system so you can store system-wide variables that you'd like the user to be able to set. This gem contains a generator to create a simple configuration model, migration, and interface for your application, complete with working tests. == FEATURES * Generates the controller, model, and the associated files. * You can specify the model name and set the fields for the migrations via the generator. == SYNOPSIS: === Setup and overview Generate a new configuration system for your application by executing the generator from the root of your application. ruby scriptgenerate rails_config_model Configuration You can also specify the model fields much like the scaffold_resource generator ruby script/generate rails_config_model Configuration contact_email:string site_name:string welcome_message:text max_number_of_events:integer Once installed, you modify the generated migration to include the fields you want to configure. There are a few defaults there to give you an idea. The generator will create a controller mounted at /configuration so you can edit your configurations. Modify this as needed to provide for security. === The Edit form The application's edit form uses the form helper method to auto-generate the fields. This may not be optimal and you may wish to actually write your own view instead. See app/views/configuration/edit.rhtml for more details. === Usage Configuration is simply a model for this table. It is designed to handle a single row of a table, and so additional rows cannot be created. If you have a table that looks like this: id contact_email site_name welcome_message max_number_of_events You simply grab the row from the table @configuration = Configuration.load and then grab the values out. email = @configuration.contact_email Or save new values @configuration = Configuration.load @configuration.welcome_message = "This is the default message."


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