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resque-remote 0.1.3

Compatible with Resque 1.x. Use Resque.push if you are using >= 2.x. Resque is great. So is job processing with redis. Our biggest drawback has been that resque requires the class that will be processing a job to be loaded when the job is enqueued. But what happens when the implementing job is defined in a separate application and isn't currently loaded into memory? Enter Resque Remote. Resque Remote's simple goal is to allow you to add a job to a queue with a string identifier for the class rather than the class constant. It is assumed that the worker-side of the equation _will_ have the class in memory and hence will be able to run it no problem. Feedback, comments and questions are welcome at bj [dot] neilsen [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. 0.1.3 - April 03, 2014 (8 KB)
  2. 0.1.2 - March 20, 2013 (6.5 KB)
  3. 0.1.1 - July 27, 2012 (6.5 KB)
  4. 0.1.0 - February 06, 2012 (6.5 KB)
  5. 0.0.1 - August 25, 2010 (5.5 KB)

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