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ROS Ruby Client: rosruby ======= [ROS]( is Robot Operating System developed by [Willow Garage]( and open source communities. This project supports ruby ROS client. You can program robots by ruby, very easily. **Homepage**: **Git**: **Author**: Takashi Ogura **Copyright**: 2012 **License**: new BSD License **Latest Version**: 0.2.0 Requirements ---------- - ruby (1.8.x/1.9.x) - ROS (electric/fuerte) - ROS requires python2.7 or more libraries Let's start --------------- Install ROS and ruby first. ROS document is []( . You can install ruby by apt. ```bash $ sudo apt-get install ruby ``` Download rosruby into your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. ````bash $ git clone git:// ``` please add RUBYLIB environment variable, like below (if you are using bash). ```bash $ echo "export RUBYLIB=`rospack find rosruby`/lib" >> ~/.bashrc $ source ~/.bashrc ``` To use with precompiled electric release ----------------------- If you are using precompiled ROS distro, use the msg/srv generation script ( If you are using ROS from source, it requires just recompile the msg/srv packages by rosmake rosruby. ```bash $ rosrun rosruby ``` This converts msg/srv to .rb which is needed by sample programs. If you want to make other packages, add package names for args. For example, ```bash $ rosrun rosruby geometry_msgs nav_msgs ``` Sample Source -------------- ## Subscriber ```ruby #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'ros' require 'std_msgs/String' node ='/rosruby/sample_subscriber') node.subscribe('/chatter', Std_msgs::String) do |msg| puts "message come! = \'#{}\'" end while node.ok? node.spin_once sleep(1) end ``` ## Publisher ```ruby #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'ros' require 'std_msgs/String' node ='/rosruby/sample_publisher') publisher = node.advertise('/chatter', Std_msgs::String) msg = i = 0 while node.ok? = "Hello, rosruby!: #{i}" publisher.publish(msg) sleep(1.0) i += 1 end ``` Note ---------------- Ruby requires 'Start with Capital letter' for class or module names. So please use **S**td_msgs::String class instead of **s**td_msgs::String. Try Publish and Subscribe ---------------------- You needs three terminal as it is often for ROS users. Then you run roscore if is not running. ```bash $ roscore ``` run publisher sample ```bash $ rosrun rosruby sample_publisher.rb ``` run subscription sample ```bash $ rosrun rosruby sample_subscriber.rb ``` you can check publication by using rostopic. ```bash $ rostopic list $ rostopic echo /chatter ``` Try Service? ---------------------- ```bash $ rosrun rosruby add_two_ints_server.rb ``` run client with args ('a' and 'b' for roscpp_tutorials/TwoInts) ```bash $ rosrun rosruby add_two_ints_client.rb 10 20 ``` and more... ---------------------- You need more tools for testing, generating documentations. ```bash $ sudo apt-get install rake gem $ sudo gem install yard redcarpet simplecov ``` do all tests ------------------------- run roscore if is not running. ```bash $ roscore ``` and run the unit tests. ```bash $ roscd rosruby $ rake test ``` documents -------------------------- you can generate API documents using yard. Document generation needs yard and redcarpet. You can install these by gem command like this. ```bash $ gem install yard redcarpet ``` Then try to generate documentds. ```bash $ rake yard ``` You can access to the generated documents from [here](


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