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Dépendances inversées pour rspec-benchmark 0.5.1

ruby-kafka 0.7.10

A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

7 356 030 Téléchargements

fast_jsonapi 1.5

JSON API( serializer that works with rails and can be used to serialize any...

1 716 682 Téléchargements

finite_machine 0.12.1

A minimal finite state machine with a straightforward syntax. You can quickly model sta...

71 686 Téléchargements

saml-kit 1.1.0

A simple toolkit for working with SAML.

29 636 Téléchargements

supa 0.5.2

Ruby object → JSON serialization.

28 506 Téléchargements

rails-session_cookie 0.2.2

Helps to get proper integration tests run faster

19 640 Téléchargements

lp-serializable 0.2.3

JSON API( serializer wrapper methods that work with Rails and can be used t...

6 524 Téléchargements

abbreviato 0.9.1

Truncate HTML to a specific bytesize, while keeping valid markup

5 626 Téléchargements

cryptocoin_payable 1.4.5

Cryptocurrency payment processor

3 202 Téléchargements

cotton-tail 0.7.0

Simply and easily add AMQP messaging capabilities to your ser...

3 118 Téléchargements

yoda-language-server 0.7.2

Ruby completion engine inspired by jedi

2 366 Téléchargements


This gem provides ruby library with Aho-Corasick substring search algorithm implement...

1 913 Téléchargements

rack-request-object-logger 3.0.3

Log HTTP requests via Rack stack to an object. You can use any object, i.e. ActiveRecor...

1 885 Téléchargements

time_zone_converter 0.2.5

CLI which calculates time for a different time zone locations.

1 826 Téléchargements


A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

1 527 Téléchargements


This gem provides ruby library with algorithms for trie based substring search.

720 Téléchargements

enumpath 0.1.1

Enumpath is an implementation of the JSONPath spec for Ruby objects, plus some added su...

638 Téléchargements

klarna-app-loggers 1.2.0

Helpful app loggers for Rack and Faraday

627 Téléchargements

magnetite 0.0.1

Some description

621 Téléchargements

pract 0.1.0

Realizacion de una gema a partir de pruebas a priori.

574 Téléchargements

fast_serializer_ruby 0.1.2

fast_serializer is a lightweight ruby objects serializer.

565 Téléchargements

merkle_tree 0.1.0

A binary tree of one-time singatures known as a merkle tree. Often used in distributed ...

341 Téléchargements

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Version de Ruby requise: >= 2.1.0