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Dependencias inversas para ruby-prof 1.3.1

representable 3.0.4

Renders and parses JSON/XML/YAML documents from and to Ruby objects. Includes plain pro...

53.413.891 Descargas

elasticsearch-api 7.5.0

Ruby API for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.

33.596.676 Descargas

elasticsearch-transport 7.5.0

Ruby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.

33.525.002 Descargas

elasticsearch 7.5.0

Ruby integrations for Elasticsearch (client, API, etc.)

33.386.283 Descargas

mustache 1.1.1

Inspired by ctemplate, Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views....

19.252.589 Descargas

elasticsearch-model 7.0.0

ActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.

10.906.449 Descargas

rack-contrib 2.2.0

Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities

10.457.871 Descargas

ruby-kafka 1.0.0

A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

10.372.648 Descargas

ddtrace 0.34.1

ddtrace is Datadog’s tracing client for Ruby. It is used to trace requests as they flow...

8.881.349 Descargas

elasticsearch-rails 7.0.0

Ruby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch.

8.502.550 Descargas

rubyXL 3.4.14

rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel...

7.016.355 Descargas

prometheus-client-mmap 0.10.0

A suite of instrumentation metric primitivesthat can be exposed through a web services ...

3.080.154 Descargas

protobuf 3.10.3

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

2.402.068 Descargas

elasticsearch-persistence 7.0.0

Persistence layer for Ruby models and Elasticsearch.

2.295.814 Descargas

elasticsearch-extensions 0.0.31

Extensions for the Elasticsearch Rubygem

1.836.652 Descargas

batch-loader 1.4.1

Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries

1.811.411 Descargas

rails-perftest 0.0.7

Rails performance tests (removed from core in Rails 4.0)

718.317 Descargas

damerau-levenshtein 1.3.2

This gem implements pure Levenshtein algorithm, Damerau modification (where 2 character...

699.956 Descargas

logify 0.2.0

Logify is an incredibly light-weight Ruby logger with a developer-friendly API and no d...

688.488 Descargas

ruby-prof-flamegraph 0.3.0

ruby-prof printer that exports to fold stacks compatible with FlameGraph

677.846 Descargas

ruby-units 2.3.1

Provides classes and methods to perform unit math and conversions

480.050 Descargas

rspec-prof 0.0.7

Integrates ruby-prof with RSpec, allowing you to easily profile your RSpec examples.

429.392 Descargas

daru 0.2.2

Daru (Data Analysis in RUby) is a library for analysis, manipulation and visualization ...

363.934 Descargas

vimeo 1.5.4

A full featured Ruby implementation of the Vimeo API.

299.956 Descargas

dapp 0.36.32

Build docker packaged apps using chef or shell

268.571 Descargas


FlyData Agent

223.438 Descargas

request_profiler 0.0.4

Request Profiler is a Rack middleware that allows optionally profiling requests with ru...

155.420 Descargas

rest-ftp-daemon 1.1.1

A pretty simple transfer daemon, controlled with a RESTful API

118.841 Descargas

cosmos 4.4.2

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and...

107.604 Descargas

elasticsearch-xpack 7.5.0

Ruby integrations for the X-Pack extensions for Elasticsearch

105.163 Descargas

Total de descargas 22.899.509

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