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runtex 0.2.1

runtex is a ruby script which allows you to translate a (La)TeX file. The program runs LaTeX as often as necessary, it checks for the need to start BibTeX, Makeindex, Rail... After finishing the script you get an overview on all errors (from each program the script used). It is possible to define by switches to define the way of processing: - LaTeX - pdfLaTeX - XeLaTeX - LuaLaTeX There are different reasons for additional tex runs. Beside the 'normal' LaTeX reasons for multiple TeX-calls, the following packages from CTAN are supported by runtex: - longtable: Allow tables to flow over page boundaries. - glossaries: Create glossaries and lists of acronyms. (uses makeindex) - gloss: Create glossaries using BibTeX. - splitindex: Unlimited number of indexes (runtex replaces the other splitindex-programms like, splitindex.jar, splitindex.exe, splitindex.tex). - index: Extended index for LaTeX including multiple indexes. (works proper only in addition with index2.sty) - rail: Syntax specification in EBNF. Bugs, Wishes and new Features This program is tested on a WIN2K System with TeXLive 2008 and ruby 1.8.6. The results of the unit test depends on your TeX-installation. No panic if there are errors! If it does not work on your system: 1) Please check the configuration runtex_pathes.yaml. (where are the programs like makeindex, bibtex, rail...) Perhaps you must adapt it. There is no configuration for different systems. If you need another configuration, send me please your adaption, I will think about different configurations. 2) It does not work with Style X. Please inform me about it, send a minimal example, where the script does not enough runs. 3) The Error/Warning X is not reported/detected Please send a minimal example an the log-file The Files of this contribution: runtex-0.2.1.gem: Gem on Rubyforge - runtex.exe: The 'compiled' programm start runtex.exe -h for the switches - runtex-0.2.1.gem - Also available at Rubyforge - index2.sty: Minor modification of index.sty More details:

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