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Dependencias inversas para safe_yaml Latest version of the following gems require safe_yaml

jekyll 4.2.0

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.

15.047.164 Descargas

asciidoctor-pdf 1.5.4

An extension for Asciidoctor that converts AsciiDoc documents to PDF using the Prawn PD...

1.174.372 Descargas

ember-rails 0.21.0

Ember for Rails 3.1+

1.119.269 Descargas

docusign_rest 0.4.4

Hooks a Rails app up to the DocuSign service through the DocuSign REST API

377.564 Descargas

tolk 4.0.1

Tolk is a web interface for doing i18n translations packaged as an engine for Rails app...

251.478 Descargas

twine 1.1.1

Twine is a command line tool for managing your strings and their translations. It is...

236.709 Descargas

fpm-cookery 0.35.1

A tool for building software packages with fpm.

211.060 Descargas

brakeman-min 5.0.1

Brakeman detects security vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails applications via static anal...

195.964 Descargas

cmess 0.5.1

Assist with handling messed up encodings (Currently includes the following tools: bconv...

139.960 Descargas

inversion 1.3.1

Inversion is a templating system for Ruby. It uses the “Inversion of Control” principle...

130.152 Descargas

pagseguro-transparente 1.1.0

Integração com o novo checkout transparente do Pagseguro.

118.572 Descargas

rails_admin_settings 1.7.0

Mongoid / ActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management

99.961 Descargas

strelka 0.19.3

Strelka is a framework for creating and deploying Mongrel2 web applications in Ruby.

92.453 Descargas

imagine_cms 5.2.5

See README for details.

90.097 Descargas

hash-joiner 0.0.7

Performs pruning or one-level promotion of Hash attributes (typically labeled "private:...

80.473 Descargas

tachikoma 5.2.0

Interval pull requester with bundler/carton/david/cocoapods/composer/none update.

75.592 Descargas

zena 1.2.8

zena is a Ruby on Rails CMS (content managment system) with a focus on usability, ease...

68.620 Descargas

shipit-engine 0.33.0

Application deployment software

67.062 Descargas

pipely 0.14.1

Generate dependency graphs from pipeline definitions.

65.694 Descargas

bergamasco 0.3.17

Text utilities for common cleanup and reformatting tasks when working with scholarly me...

54.673 Descargas

go_script 0.1.9

Abstracts common functionality used in the `./go` scripts of several 18F projects, and ...

50.244 Descargas

clash 2.3.1

A diff based testing framework for static sites.

47.811 Descargas

jekyll-auth 2.1.2

A simple way to use GitHub OAuth to serve a protected jekyll site to your GitHub organi...

46.702 Descargas

knife-chop 0.12.18

Knife plugin to assist with the upload and sync of Chef server assets like roles, envir...

46.470 Descargas

wadl 0.3.1

Ruby client for the Web Application Description Language.

41.192 Descargas

rollin 0.2.2

A Ruby minimalistic blog engine ... WATTT!!?!??

38.734 Descargas

deriving_license 0.3.1

Deriving Licence finds the license agreements for all gems in your Gemfile if included ...

38.241 Descargas

bisu 1.8.0

Bisu manages your app iOS and Android localization files for you. No more copy+paste in...

35.216 Descargas

brakeman-lib 5.0.1

Brakeman detects security vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails applications via static anal...

32.089 Descargas

shuttle-deploy 0.4.0

Minimalistic deployment tool for small and one-server applications

30.309 Descargas

Total de descargas 116.600.201

Para esta versión 39.785.294

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