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safe_yaml 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require safe_yaml

shuttle-deploy 0.4.0

Minimalistic deployment tool for small and one-server applications

30,815 下载

pupistry 2.0.0

Provides security, reliability and consistency to Puppet masterless environments

28,132 下载

cuba-api 0.6.3

add content negogiation, serialization of objects (their attributes map), and some help...

27,409 下载

knife-whisk 2.0.2

A utility for quickly whipping up new servers in a team environment

27,197 下载

akabei 0.5.1

Custom repository manager for ArchLinux pacman

26,894 下载

hyla 1.0.9

Asciidoctor Hyla - Command Line tool to create new project, watch modifications, genera...

26,828 下载

travis-yaml 0.2.0

parses and validates your .travis.yml, fast and secure

24,181 下载

knife-helper 0.1.2

Helper and Command builder for knife (chef-server, knife-zero, etc)

23,530 下载

about_yml 0.0.10

The .about.yml mechanism allows an project to publish and maintain metadata that can be...

23,034 下载

cconfig 1.3.0

Configuration management for container-aware applications

22,318 下载

cloudhdr_rails 0.0.14

Ruby wrapper for the CloudHdr Processing API

21,409 下载

conjur-asset-policy 0.13.0

Fully declarative YAML markup for Conjur policy.

20,518 下载

norad_cli 0.2.5

Command line interface for norad.

18,833 下载


Mongoid / ActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management

17,212 下载

pagemaster 2.1.2

jekyll plugin for generating md pages from csv/json/yml

16,504 下载

emoji_for_jekyll 0.2.3

A plugin for Jekyll that seamlessly enable emoji.

15,970 下载

viaduct-archfile 1.3.5

A validation tool for checking the validity of a Viaduct Archfile

15,141 下载

verku 0.16.10

Verku provides authors a free, ruby-based production toolchain for self-published paper...

14,279 下载

wax_tasks 1.1.5

Rake tasks for minimal exhibition sites with Minicomp/Wax.

14,261 下载

gito 0.4.14

git helper tool to clone/open/auto-install/edit a git project with a one-liner

14,141 下载

speedflow 0.3.6

Speedflow provides a robust system to transform yourpainful workflow in a sweet workflow.

13,269 下载

team_api 0.0.13

Compiles information about team members, projects, etc. and exposes it via a JSON API.

13,143 下载

conjur-asset-dsl2 0.6.1

A fully declarative DSL for Conjur with Ruby and YAML syntax.

12,392 下载

moft 1.0.5

Moft is a simple, static site generator. A fork of jekyll, designed for greater simplic...

12,274 下载

author 1.2.0.alpha

Quickly create ebooks using Markdown

12,250 下载

sync_issues 0.9.0

sync_issues is a ruby gem to that allows the easy creation and synchronization of i...

11,214 下载

rakali 0.1.3

A Pandoc command-line wrapper written in Ruby.

10,698 下载

soyuz 0.3.1

Soyuz is the deployment toolkit that glues all of your deployment pipeline together

10,656 下载



9,613 下载

nopoint 0.3.4

Generate fancy html-slideshows from simple markdown files

9,424 下载

下载总次数 119,405,848

这个版本 41,540,124

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.8.7