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# Sambot Sambot is our internal Platform Engineering toolchain to help standardize and simplify our DevOps workflow. It provides an executable with a variety of commands, grouped in various areas of functionality such as session management, DNS changes and cookbook management. ## Usage To install the gem, simply run `chef gem install sambot`. This will install the gem in your ChefDK installation. If you want to use it outside Chef, run `gem install sambot`. Run `chef exec sambot` to be shown the help menu. For help on specific commands, i.e. cookbook management and specific cookbook management commands, run `chef exec sambot help cookbook` or `chef exec sambot cookbook help generate` for example. ## Contributing Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at ### Installation Make sure you have `ruby >= 2.4.0` installed. Install `bundler >= 1.15.1` by running `gem install bundler` Run `bundle install` from the root of the project to install the required Ruby gems. ### Running Sambot If you want to test your changes locally, you can run `bundle exec bin/sambot`. ### Running Tests Run `bundle exec rspec spec` to execute the unit tests. Run `cd integration_tests && bundle exec rspec .` to execute the integration tests. These require that you have Docker Compose available. ### Linting There is nothing here yet


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