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Dependencias inversas para sass-rails 6.0.0

font_awesome5_rails 1.1.1

font_awesome5_rails provides Font-Awesome 5 support.

193.588 Descargas


To be used for sharing standard assets between the multiple modules of a platform

187.264 Descargas


Lalala: Probably the best CMS in the world

178.340 Descargas

bonethug 0.0.99

Project Skeleton Manager

169.842 Descargas

browsercms 3.5.7

BrowserCMS is a general purpose, open source Web Content Management System (CMS) that s...

169.409 Descargas

user_mgmt 2.1.5

Includes functionality for site-specific registration and third-party authentication st...

167.873 Descargas

kuhsaft 2.6.3

Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

162.734 Descargas

erd 0.6.4

erd engine on Rails

149.836 Descargas

introjs-rails 1.0.0

A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website...

144.948 Descargas

coalescing_panda 4.7.0

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

142.225 Descargas

chanko 2.1.1

Chanko is a Rails extension tool

142.091 Descargas

sass_rails_patch 0.0.2

Fix sass precompile in rails

128.424 Descargas

ajaxify_rails 0.9.7

Automatically makes your Rails app loading content in the background via ajax. Works by...

124.588 Descargas

govuk_admin_template 6.7.0

Styles, scripts and templates for GOV.UK admin applications

123.273 Descargas

rails_admin_nestable 0.3.2

RailsAdmin Drag and drop tree view for Ancestry gem with ActiveRecord and MongoID

119.958 Descargas

ab_admin 0.9.0

Simple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface

117.888 Descargas

rich 1.4.6

Rich is an opinionated WYSIWYG editor for Rails based on CKEditor.

116.991 Descargas

kaui 2.0.2

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

116.881 Descargas

adminpanel 3.6.1

Gem that focus on making a public site's resources very quickly while being very config...

116.619 Descargas

smalruby-editor 0.4.2

The smalruby-editor is a visual programming editor that can create aRuby script by comb...

110.337 Descargas

smalruby-editor 0.4.2

The smalruby-editor is a visual programming editor that can create aRuby script by comb...

110.337 Descargas

simple-line-icons-rails 0.1.6

an asset gemification of the simple-line-icons icon font library

109.687 Descargas

pdfjs_viewer-rails 0.3.1

Packages the viewer distributed with PDF.js and makes it available in two styles (full,...

107.903 Descargas

abstractor 4.4.7

A Rails engine gem for deriving discrete data points from narrative text via natural la...

104.707 Descargas

polyblock 1.2.6

Polymorphic content blocks made simple.

96.717 Descargas

pwnstyles_rails 0.2.7

Included CSS was designed for reuse across apps.

94.899 Descargas

awesome_translations 0.0.59

Semi-automatic maintenance of most translations in a Rails app.

94.309 Descargas

flexa_lib 0.5.2

Helpers, Geradores(de controllers, views, Scaffolds Personalizados) Em Breve DocumentaÃ...

92.884 Descargas

camaleon_cms 2.5.2

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

92.859 Descargas

manage 1.4.3

Rails backend

91.625 Descargas

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