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Reverse dependencies for sass-rails 6.0.0


font-awesome-rails provides the Font-Awesome web fonts and stylesheets as a Rails engin...

23,930,454 下載

compass-rails 4.0.0

Integrate Compass into Rails 3.0 and up.

11,437,215 下載

jquery-datatables-rails 3.4.0

jquery datatables for rails

2,928,806 下載

grape-swagger-rails 0.3.1

Swagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem

2,037,690 下載


This is a gem for the rstacruz' nprogress implementation. It's based on version nprogre...

1,762,553 下載

resque-web 0.0.12

A Rails-based frontend to the Resque job queue system.

1,358,585 下載

caboose-cms 1.0.2

CMS built on rails with love.

1,242,502 下載

cells-rails 0.1.0

Convenient Rails support for Cells.

1,206,846 下載

activeadmin_addons 1.7.1

Set of addons to help with the activeadmin ui

1,101,888 下載


Font Awesome, SASS version, with assets pipeline, for Rails 3.1+

834,626 下載

s3_direct_upload 0.1.7

Direct Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload

799,934 下載

nested_form_fields 0.8.2

Rails gem for dynamically adding and removing nested has_many association fields in a f...

539,885 下載


Bootstrap is Twitter's toolkit for kickstarting CSS for websites, apps, and more. It in...

524,434 下載


Semantic UI, converted to Sass and ready to drop into Rails, Compass, or Sprockets.

475,718 下載

ammeter 1.1.4

Write specs for your Rails 3+ generators

454,099 下載

solidus_auth_devise 2.4.0

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...

368,489 下載

foundation-icons-sass-rails 3.0.0

Foundation Icons on Sass for Rails

365,165 下載

spree_auth_devise 4.1.0

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Spree by using Devise a...

356,152 下載

refinerycms-core 4.0.3

The core of Refinery CMS. This handles the common functionality and is required by most...

353,603 下載

bhf 0.10.17

A simple to use Rails-Engine-Gem that offers an admin interface for trusted user. Easy ...

328,708 下載

wice_grid 4.1.0

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and filters generated aut...

306,958 下載

spree_gateway 3.7.1

Additional Payment Gateways for Spree Commerce

292,524 下載

intl-tel-input-rails 12.3.0

A jQuery plugin for entering and validating international telephone numbers. This g...

289,522 下載

flag-icons-rails 3.4.6

Gem allows to use `flag-icon-css` - a collection of all country flags in SVG - in your ...

259,287 下載

saucy 0.16.1

Clearance-based Rails engine for Software as a Service (Saas) that provides account and...

259,140 下載

social_stream-base 2.2.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networki...

248,486 下載


Super customized checkboxes and radio buttons with jquery & zepto

239,792 下載

bootstrap-editable-rails 0.0.9

In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap for Rails

239,525 下載

contour 3.0.1

Basic Rails Framework files and assets for layout and authentication

222,615 下載

recurring_select 2.1.0

This gem provides a useful interface for creating recurring rules for the ice_cube gem.

198,745 下載

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