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Reverse dependencies for sitemap_generator 6.1.0

rocket_cms_activerecord 0.33.0

RocketCMS - ActiveRecord metapackage

116,126 下載

rocket_cms_mongoid 0.33.0

RocketCMS - Mongoid metapackage

115,929 下載

blacklight-spotlight 2.13.0

Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

95,776 下載

sbdevcore 0.3.10


87,013 下載


LINES lets you manage your posts in a clear, consistent frontend. The gracefully slende...

65,655 下載

minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

57,257 下載


AsciiBinder is an AsciiDoc-based system for authoring and publishing closely related do...

54,822 下載

enju_seed 0.3.4

Seed module for Next-L Enju

48,335 下載

ack_rocket_cms 0.9.2

RocketCMS fork

43,964 下載

lentil 1.0.5

lentil supports the harvesting of images from Instagram and provides several browsing v...

33,732 下載

gluttonberg-core 3.0.2

Gluttonberg is an Open Source CMS developed by the team at Freerange Future. As designe...

30,931 下載

spotlight-dor-resources 2.0.1

Spotlight resource indexer for DOR resources.

24,189 下載

maltese 0.9.8

Ruby library to generate sitemap for DataCite Search.

14,148 下載

hicube 0.0.11

Simple CMS

10,209 下載

makasi 0.1.8

An easy way to index sitemap and search through it. Based on Amazon CloudSearch.

9,879 下載

solidus_sitemap 1.0.0

Provides a sitemap file for Solidus

8,110 下載

spree_sitemap_generator 3.0.3

Provides a sitemap file for Spree

6,505 下載

enjoy_cms_seo 0.4.1


5,941 下載

integral 1.3.0

Building a professional website on Rails has never been easier. Create fascinating blog...

5,370 下載

minimum-viable-product 0.0.7

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

5,140 下載

spotlight-resources-iiif 0.2.0

Spotlight Resource Indexer for IIIF manifests or collections.

4,929 下載

para-seo_tools 0.5.1

SEO tools for the Para CMS

4,802 下載

workarea-sitemaps 2.1.7

Adds a sitemap XML to Workarea Commerce Platform. Handles generating the sitemap and ro...

2,937 下載

sitemap_generator-aws_s3_adapter 0.2.0

Yet another AWS S3 adapter for sitemap_generator gem. This adapter works with official ...

1,907 下載

hancock_cms_seo 1.0.2


803 下載

solidus_dynamic_sitemaps 1.0

Soldius Engine for sitemaps

591 下載

slickr_cms 0.5.9

CMS built on top of Active Admin.

512 下載

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