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slf4r 0.1.1

the main idea is from which is to provide a uniform interface for instantiating und using of a logger. but the actual logging is done by some third party logging framework. one idea is to have a logger per class or object (see ). in ruby you would have something like @logger = or the convinience module include Slf4r::Logger if the underlying logging framework allows it (like logging or log4r) then you get a logger for each namespace of your class and create a hierachy of loggers. with this you can control the log level for each logger and/or namespace. for example you have a framework A with namespace 'A' then you can set the log level for the logger with name 'A' to debug and get all the debug from the framework, etc. in case you have a framework B which uses log4r internally you can use the 'log4r_adapter' to delegate the logger creation from log4r to slf4r. in this way you have only one place where logging gets configured and controlled.


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