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Dependencias inversas para socksify Latest version of the following gems require socksify

httpi 2.4.5

Common interface for Ruby's HTTP libraries

40.351.105 Descargas

jenkins_api_client 1.5.3

This is a simple and easy-to-use Jenkins Api client with features focused on automating...

3.476.050 Descargas

faraday_adapter_socks 0.1.1

FaradayAdapterSocks supports connection throughing socks proxy

83.513 Descargas

CollegiateLink 0.0.3

Old, deprecated gem. Use the lowercased gem "collegiatelink" instead!

61.892 Descargas

esearchy 0.2.3

A library to search for emails in search engines

37.943 Descargas

b2b_center_api 0.1.1

API for b2b-center.

30.345 Descargas

spidy 0.3.8

web spider dsl

27.387 Descargas

tiny_grabber 0.4.0

Simple gem for grabbing remote web page.

24.606 Descargas

yodlee-icious 0.0.7

Delicious Yodlee API Client Gem (formally Yodlicious)

24.112 Descargas

tor_requests 0.6.0

Create anonymously requests through Tor network

20.031 Descargas

tor_requests 0.6.0

Create anonymously requests through Tor network

20.031 Descargas

collegiatelink 0.3.0

CollegiateLink Client Gem

16.289 Descargas

emaily 0.3

A library to send template to multiple emails.

12.367 Descargas

my-local-putio 4.4.0

The easiest script to synchronise all your files locally.

8.740 Descargas

instabot 0.1.90

An instagram bot works without instagram api, only needs your username and password

8.551 Descargas

zlx_hacker_term 1.0.1

Read Hacker News on the Terminal via Sock Proxy

7.639 Descargas

nippocf 0.0.4

Write nippo (daily report in Japanese) on Atlassian Confluence in Markdown

6.432 Descargas

yodlee_wrap 0.0.5

Yodlee is a pain. This makes it a bit easier.

6.115 Descargas

the_mask 0.2.5

TheMask provides functionality for the purposes of data mining.

5.626 Descargas

knife-bastion 1.2.0

Protect your Chef server by restricting direct access to Chef HTTPS port to be only acc...

5.610 Descargas

dropzone_ruby 0.1.3

Drop Zone is a solution to the problem of restricted sales in censored markets. The pro...

5.244 Descargas

tor_extend 2.0.0

This library extends Bendiken's tor-ruby [], and pr...

4.881 Descargas

rubygems-socksproxy 0.0.1

SOCKS proxy support for rubygems

4.599 Descargas

ssrf_proxy 0.0.4

SSRF Proxy is a multi-threaded HTTP proxy server designed to tunnel client HTTP traffic...

4.547 Descargas

yodlicious 0.0.3

Delicious Yodlee API Client Gem

4.509 Descargas

rest-tor 0.1.7

Tor for ruby

4.305 Descargas

triton-internal 0.2.0

Library that wraps all of the Joyent Triton Internal APIs in a consistent ruby interfac...

3.187 Descargas

tormanager 0.5.0

Start, stop, monitor, control and proxy through a Tor process using Ruby.

3.156 Descargas

tor_proxy 0.0.3

The simple way to HTTP GET over Tor with ruby.

2.829 Descargas

command_socksify 0.1.0

socksify command

2.744 Descargas

Total de descargas 27.947.647

Para esta versión 24.897.095

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