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Reverse dependencies for sprockets-helpers 1.2.1

mailcatcher 0.7.1

MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to...

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sprockets-sass 1.3.1

When using Sprockets 2.0 with Sass you will eventually run into a pretty big issue. `//...

2,013,034 下載

sinatra-asset-pipeline 2.2.0

An asset pipeline implementation for Sinatra based on Sprockets with support for SASS, ...

518,742 下載

volt 0.9.6

A reactive Ruby web framework where your Ruby code runs on both the server and the clie...

190,011 下載

sprockets-less 0.6.1

The dynamic stylesheet language for the Sprockets asset pipeline.

65,627 下載

smartkiosk-client 0.2.1

Smartkiosk client application

65,113 下載

machined 1.1.0

Why another static site generator? Machined is for the developers who know and love the...

44,407 下載

local_pac 0.10.2

This gem helps you to serve proxy.pacs locallly

44,354 下載

nali 0.4.4

Async web framework

40,772 下載

appetizer-ui 0.9.1

A painfully opinionated Appetizer extension for web apps.

34,462 下載

arcabouco 0.2.16

Arcabouco WebApp Framework

32,356 下載

susanoo 0.14.0

Develop mobile application using apache cordova and ruby utilities.

22,071 下載

gast 0.1.0

memo application of using git

15,432 下載

gusto 1.0.0.beta17

Gusto is Coffeescript behavioral testing framework, with a command line tool that can b...

14,588 下載

savanna 0.0.8

Make your sprockets environment by one commend.

10,939 下載

omnifiles 0.4.1

File storage and URL shortener.

8,988 下載

nanoc-sprockets 0.1.0

Use sprockets as a datasource for nanoc.

8,149 下載

nanoc-sprockets-filter 0.1.1

A nanoc filter to use Sprockets, a Ruby library for compiling and serving web assets.

7,892 下載

snails 0.4.0

Ruby on Snails.

7,827 下載

roda-sprocket_assets 0.0.9

Use sprockets to serve assets in roda.

7,191 下載

cloud_crooner 0.0.4

Manage assets on Sinatra apps with Sprockets and S3

7,043 下載

usbunfreeze_web 0.2.3

Web application for Usbunfreeze kit

6,216 下載

sprockets-umodule 1.1.1

uModule wrapping for the Sprockets asset pipeline.

4,561 下載

furnace-xray 1.0.0

A visualizer for transformations of code in Static Single Assignment form based on the ...

4,282 下載

mydriver-mailcatcher 0.6.5

MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to...

3,391 下載

asset_pipeline 0.2.0

Boost your plain Ruby applications with neat assets served by Sprockets!

2,741 下載

mailcatcher-cors 0.7.1

Forked MailCatcher integrating simple and stupid CORS. MailCatcher runs a super si...

2,524 下載

mongowiki 1.0.0.pre1

mongowiki is an sinatra-based wiki application, which persists your articles into an mo...

2,264 下載

sinatra-sprockets-chain 0.0.1

Plug and play extension for sinatra that mimic rails assets pipeline through sprockets

2,185 下載

sinatra-asset_pipeline 0.0.1

Simple sprockets asset server for Sinatra

2,066 下載

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