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Reverse dependencies for string-cases 0.0.4

http2 0.0.32

A lightweight framework for doing http-connections in Ruby. Supports cookies, keep-aliv...

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awesome_translations 0.0.58

Semi-automatic maintenance of most translations in a Rails app.

77,403 下載

baza 0.0.36

A database abstraction layer, model framework and database framework.

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html_gen 0.0.16

A small framework for generating HTML.

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genderize_io_rb 0.0.11

A small Gem that makes it possible to determine gender from a name via the

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baza_models 0.0.12

ActiveRecord like models for the Baza database framework

27,762 下載

apsis-on-steroids 0.0.13

A Ruby API for the Apsis mail service.

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gettext_simple_rails 0.0.19

Inspects models and other modules to easily generate .po-files and translate them with ...

25,773 下載

rails_imager 0.0.30

Automatic resizing, bordering and more of images.

23,019 下載

active-record-data-tables 0.0.4

Helping functionality for filtering, sorting and stuff like that with data-tables and A...

21,603 下載

auto_autoloader 0.0.5

Autoload constants in natural subfolders from the original class in Ruby with a single ...

20,961 下載

ruby_process 0.0.13

A framework for spawning and communicating with other Ruby-processes

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baza_migrations 0.0.2

Migrations support for the Baza database framework in Ruby.

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agent_helpers 0.0.6

Inspects the user agent for you and allows you to take action based on the users browse...

10,859 下載

chatty 0.0.6

Making it easy to set it up a live chat on your website.

8,742 下載

paper_trail_changes 0.0.2

A gem to do various stuff with PaperTrail versions.

8,722 下載

translatable_menus 0.0.5

Easy to set up translatable menus in Rails with ActiveAdmin, Devise, Globalize and a co...

6,359 下載

thread_queues 0.0.3

Do thread-related work with BlockingQueue and BufferedQueue in Ruby.

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plugin_migrator 0.0.3

Migration of plugins DB migrations easily.

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github_org_reports 0.0.1

A gem to generate organization reports based on pull requests and commits.

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simple_form_strong_parameters 0.0.2

Detecting inputs from simple form, saving them in a session in order to do automatic st...

2,655 下載

RubyProcess 0.0.12

A framework for spawning and communicating with other Ruby-processes

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