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strophe_ruby 0.0.5

Ruby bindings for Strophe '', a C library for writing XMPP clients. If all you need is a simple XMPP bot that react to message and presence notifications, you might be better off with XMPPBot, which is an implementation I wrote on top of StropheRuby. IMPORTANT : This gem is quite experimental currently... it is not ready for production! Strophe '' is a robust and well written C library that allows the developer to implement XMPP clients. I wanted to be able to use the power of this library with the ruby syntax. I didn't use SWIG to generate the bindings for 2 reasons : 1. I wanted to learn how to write a C extension for ruby 2. I didn't like how SWIG generate gazilions of lines of code My other project, XMPPBot, is an implementation of Strophe Ruby that allows the ruby developer to write a XMPP bot in a few lines of code.


  1. 0.0.5 - December 14, 2008 x86_64-linux (648 KB)
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  3. 0.0.4 - December 14, 2008 x86_64-linux (439 KB)
  4. 0.0.4 - December 12, 2008 (229 KB)
  5. 0.0.3 - December 11, 2008 (229 KB)
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