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The sycspector scans a file for patterns provided on the command line. Lines that match the pattern are saved to a file with valid values and those lines that don't match the pattern are added to a file with invalid values. The valid and invalid files as well as the used pattern are stored in a history file. The saved values are used for a subsequent call to sycspector with –show and -f for fix to show the results or to prompt the invalid values to fix them. Fixed values can be appended to the valid values file.


sycspector can be installed as a gem from with

$ gem install syc-spector

Invokation Examples

Rearches for email addresses in the provided file 'email_addresses'

$ sycspector email_addresses -p email

Lines that are not recognized can be prompted, fixed and appended to the valid file with

$ sycspector -fa

To show the result of the invokation use

$ sycspector --show

To fix the values from the input file at the first scan

$ sycspector -f email-addresses -p email

To sort the values

$ sycspector -s email-addresses -p email

To fix, sort and remove duplicates (individualize)

$ sycspector -fsi email-addresses -p email

Matching patterns like 'name, firstname'

$ syscpector name -p "\w+, \w+"

Scanning only whole lines use

$ sycspector name -p "\A\w+, \w+\A"

If the file contains lines like “Doe, John and Doe, Jane” these won't be saved at the first scan but can be scanned with the –fix switch and appended to the valid values from the last run

$ sycspector -fa

Fixing a specific file by specifying the invalid file as inputfile

$ sycspector -fa 2013016-083346_invalid_name -o 2013016-083346_valid_name

Specifying the file where the results (valid and invalid) should go to

$ sycspector -fa -o outputfile

To process all at once

$ sycspector -fis inputfile -o outputfile -p "\A\w+, w+\Z" --show


syc-spector is released under the MIT License.


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