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Reverse dependencies for taglib-ruby 0.7.1

nehm 2.2.3

nehm is a console tool, which downloads, sets IDv3 tags (and adds to your iTunes librar...

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spfy 1.0.0

Spfy is a simple command-line tool for generating XSPF playlists from metadata stored i...

26,452 下載

muzak 0.5.1

A library for controlling playlists and media players.

23,307 下載

ongaku_ryoho_server 0.5.3

Serves music to Ongaku Ryoho clients

22,956 下載

the_little_streamer 0.5.0

Point the Little Streamer to your music directory and it will serve up the tunes using ...

20,923 下載

rivendell-import 1.04

Import sound in our Rivendell system

19,775 下載

mediafile 0.2.12

Parse media file metadata, copy or transcode mediafiles.

18,553 下載

musk 0.1.8

Extract tags from MP3 files and perfume MP3 files with fragrant tags.

17,581 下載

podtergeist 0.0.12

CLI to create or append to podcast-compatible rss via args

16,893 下載

flacky 1.1.1

Loose collection of CLI commands to sort and process Flac files

15,977 下載

ipod_db 0.2.13

Access iPod Shuffle 2nd gen from ruby

15,939 下載

ted_talk 0.0.50

TedTalk helps download TED talk video and covert it to a slowed down MP3 with pauses th...

14,381 下載

easytag 1.0.0

EasyTag is an abstract interface to the TagLib audio tagging library. It is designe...

13,965 下載

musicfix 0.2.2

Musicfix is a music file renamer and tagger with consistency concerns. It has a release...

12,955 下載

batch_audio_convert 0.2.0

Batch Audio Convert

12,884 下載

id3_tags 0.1.0

Read and write ID3 metadata from/to MP3 files

12,649 下載

taffy 1.4.0

A command-line tool for reading and writing audio metadata.

9,731 下載

rupeepeethree 0.0.6

tag your mp3 files. a command line wrapper and library around taglib-ruby.

8,263 下載

cultome_player 2.0.2

A console music library explorer and player

7,732 下載

fox 0.6.3

Commandline interface and library to the Fox Scientific Paper Suite

7,234 下載

podcastinator 0.0.6

A ruby library for generating podcast feeds from a source or via an API.

7,160 下載

dragonfly_audio 1.0.2

Wraps common audio-related tasks into Dragonfly analysers and processors.

6,787 下載

ogg_album_tagger 0.1.2

Interactive edition of ogg tags with support for whole albums.

4,877 下載

music_blender 0.0.3

A simple MP3 player written in Ruby. Depends on mpg123.

4,711 下載

carrierwave-taglib 0.1.1

ID3v1 tag processing for CarrierWave uploads

4,154 下載

lllibrary 0.0.2

lllibrary is a Ruby library for managing and querying a music library.

3,847 下載

music_meta_fixer 0.1.0

Somewhat automated iTunes meta data fixer. Built on Ruby 2.0

3,297 下載

nametag 0.2.0

set audio file tags based on file name ...

2,168 下載

icemaker 0.1.1

Create playlists by applying customized search filters to a set of audio files.

2,058 下載

audiothority 0.1.0

Small utility for finding inconsistencies among audio files organized in "album" direct...

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