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tagomatic 0.1.8


Simple command-line mp3 tagger based on mp3info gem. Supports folder-specific configuration files.

Another mp3 tagger the world does not need.

But I needed it. I have a large collection of old mp3 files. From times when tagging was mostly based on the file and folder names. When v2 tags where nowhere close..


Modes of operation:

  • The tagger will try to guess the tags from the full file path by applying a set of known formats.

  • The tagger will apply specific tags given on the command-line.

  • The tagger will match specific formats given on the command-line.

  • Arbitrary combination of the before-mentioned modes.

The scanner supports recursive folder handling. Of course.

Right now v2 tags are the focus.

It is probably best to call this alpha ware.


For my genre/artist/album/track.mp3 collection I use this invocation pattern:

tagomatic –underscores –guess –recurse –showtags –errorstops –cleantags /media/music/

Then I add folder-specific .tagomatic or .format= files whenever an error occurs.

The .tagomatic file

You can put the (long version) of the command line options into folder-specific .tagomatic files. These options are then valid only for this folder and sub-folders.

This is useful - for example - if you want to switch guessing off for sub-folders.

The .format= files

You can add files named .format= to sub-folders. They will be picked up by tagomatic and added as custom formats just as if you would have passed them on the command line using the –format option.

Because the slash is not allowed in file names you have to replace it with a vertical dash like in this example:

.format=%g|%a|%b|%n - %t.mp3

These formats are valid only for this folder and sub-folders.


Copyright © 2009 Daniel Lukic. See LICENSE for details.


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