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travis 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require travis

algoliasearch 1.27.4

A simple Ruby client for the REST API

11,291,837 下载

algoliasearch-rails 1.24.1

AlgoliaSearch integration to your favorite ORM

2,199,550 下载

cequel 3.2.1

Cequel is an ActiveRecord-like domain model layer for Cassandra that exposes the robust...

551,782 下载

ztk 3.3.2

Zachary's Tool Kit contains a collection of reusable classes meant to simplify developm...

510,483 下载

middleman-s3_sync 4.0.3

Only syncs files that have been updated to S3.

442,132 下载

luffa 2.1.0

Tools for testing the Calabash Toolchain locally, on Travis CI, and Jenkins

323,640 下载

dapp 0.36.32

Build docker packaged apps using chef or shell

309,869 下载

dwc-archive 1.1.1

Darwin Core Archive is the current standard exchange format for GLobal Names Architectu...

219,878 下载

devise-doorkeeper 1.1.2

Support authentication via OAuth2 tokens dispensed from the Doorkeeper authorization flow

209,059 下载

testlab 1.22.4

A toolkit for building virtual computer labs

197,762 下载

kitchen-terraform 5.5.0

kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration

146,918 下载

breasal 0.0.1

A Ruby gem that converts both British and Irish Eastings and northing to WGS84 latitude...

146,308 下载

json-schema-generator 0.0.9

A very basic json-schema generator

129,721 下载

moonshot 1.0.0

A library and CLI tool for launching services into AWS.

117,371 下载

falkorlib 0.8.8

This is my personal library I use to share the Ruby tidbits and Rake tasks I made it fo...

86,382 下载

marathon_deploy 0.1.56

Pushes a yaml or json file to the Marathon API.

82,566 下载

ruby_rabbitmq_janus 2.7.2

This gem is used to communicate to a server Janus through RabbitMQ software (Message-...

72,162 下载

rget 4.9.3

Downloading newest radio programs on the web. Supported radio stations are hibiki, onse...

69,729 下载

middleman-pry 1.0.2

Use Pry as the Middleman console.

62,069 下载

poise-boiler 1.18.1

Boilerplate-reduction helpers for Poise/Halite-style gemss.

57,997 下载

openassets-ruby 0.7.0

The implementation of the Open Assets Protocol for Ruby.

54,170 下载

agile-proxy 0.1.26

An agile, programmable, controllable proxy server for use standalone or as part of an i...

38,582 下载

calabash 1.2.1

Contains shared functionality and extentions to various Calabash sub-projects.

35,452 下载

ipaddress_2 0.13.0

IPAddress2 is a Ruby library designed to make manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addre...

30,715 下载

evostream-event 1.0.3

Manipulate event evostream and send actions to evostream server.

30,275 下载

photish 0.7.6

Photish is a simple, convention based (but configurable) static photo site generator.

29,767 下载

pansophy 1.1.0

Pansophy allows different applications to share knowledgevia a centralised remote repos...

27,899 下载

fluent-plugin-json-schema-filter 0.0.3

Fluentd Filter plugin to validate incoming records against a json schema. It is though...

26,823 下载

quicktravel_client 4.2.0

For integrating with QuickTravel API

26,577 下载

takuhai_status 1.9.1

get delivery status of Takuhai-bin in Japan

25,299 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0