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truncate_html 的反向依赖 0.9.3

refinerycms-core 4.0.3

The core of Refinery CMS. This handles the common functionality and is required by most...

351,424 下载

solidus_frontend 2.9.3

Cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project.

349,528 下载

spud_blog 1.0.2

Spud blogging/news and rss engine.

77,964 下载

adva-blog 0.0.14

Blog engine for adva-cms2.

47,438 下载

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

42,343 下载

monologue 0.5.0

Monologue is a basic blogging engine. It is a Rails mountable engine so it can be mount...

33,691 下载

kit_cms 2.3.22

Kit is DSC's Community and Content Management System (CCMS) built as a Rails engine for...

25,141 下载

tb_blog 1.4.2

Twice Baked blogging/news and rss engine.

22,212 下载


Rails admin engine

16,257 下载

write 0.2.5

Mountable Rails Engine that gives you the ability to add a github-gist-stored blog to y...

11,579 下载

meta_tags 0.3.0

HTML meta tags management for Rails with support for Facebook's OpenGraph tags and Twit...

3,902 下载

omnom 0.0.2

An everythingreader for programmers

3,634 下载

zencms 0.0.2

ZENCMS as rails engine

3,428 下载

bigmouth 0.0.2

WORK IN PROGRESS: You should not use unless you are far too kind to contribute for the ...

3,247 下载

solidus_frontend_devise_token_auth 2.8.0.alpha.14

Cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project (devise_token_auth revised version)

2,554 下载

sapna_gale_test_core 1.0.0

Essential models, mailers, and classes for the Sapna gale test e-commerce project.

2,065 下载

blabs 0.4.4

ANOTHER ONE? Yep - another lightweight blogging engine

1,857 下载

下载总次数 3,974,317

这个版本 2,190,161

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9