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Dependencias inversas para tty-table Latest version of the following gems require tty-table

datamix 0.1.5

DSL for manipulating tabular data

6.358 Descargas

EGP_Rates_CLI 1.0.1

Show EGP exchange rates in terminal

5.793 Descargas

gl 0.4.1

Uses the GitLab API based on the git project your are currently in

4.950 Descargas

flow-cli 0.0.7

Flow CI CLI, used to build yaml, run ci yaml locally.

4.875 Descargas

BookMD 0.1.8

Online appointment booker

4.679 Descargas

mux_tf 0.4.8

Terraform Multiplexing Scripts

4.133 Descargas

tors 0.5.0

Yet another torrent searching application for your command line. But this has an option...

3.979 Descargas

trials 0.1.4

gem for testing out ideas quickly

3.795 Descargas

imapcli 1.0.5

Command-line tool to query IMAP servers

3.523 Descargas

ruby-edit 1.0.2

Edit grep results in one file

3.479 Descargas

chronicle-etl 0.2.4

Chronicle-ETL allows you to extract personal data from a variety of services, transform...

3.383 Descargas

hodmin 0.1.5

Hodmin enables you to administrate your Homie-devices (IOT, esp8266-based microcomputer...

3.132 Descargas

startup-time 1.3.0

A benchmarking tool which measures how long it takes to execute "Hello, world!" program...

3.075 Descargas

rncher 0.1.3


2.982 Descargas

thinreports-template-cli 0.3.1

A command line tool to generate a PDF file from TLF file with command line options.

2.947 Descargas

sfctl 1.0.3

sfctl is a command line interface for the Starfish API.

2.928 Descargas

pueri 0.11.5

Um script em Ruby para ajudar o dia-a-dia de médicos e enfermeiros de Atenção Básica.

2.908 Descargas

dockman 0.1.12

Dockman reads partial docker-compose configurations and concatenates them in a single m...

2.851 Descargas

ruby-jira-cli 0.0.4

Ruby CLI managing git-based JIRA workflows

2.814 Descargas

barbershop_contestants 0.3.5

This Gem scrapes and organizes the data for perusal via a simple CLI...

2.787 Descargas

gitloggl 0.33

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

2.691 Descargas

pf 0.2.0

You can view, download or upload files via your public cloud storage service accounts

2.654 Descargas

vaulty 0.1.0

Vault CLI that is based on the Vault Ruby gem

2.568 Descargas

bullit 0.1.3

A tool used to manage your daily tasks and memos

2.542 Descargas

joyce_quiz_app_gem 0.2.3

a gem that contains a short quiz

2.493 Descargas

yadecli 0.1.6

Manage development project

2.487 Descargas

daniel_terminal_app 0.1.5

A gem to demostrate my terminal app for coder academy bootcamp

2.453 Descargas

plankton 0.1.2

A commandline interface to private Docker Registries

2.389 Descargas

coinpare 0.3.0

Compare cryptocurrency trading data across multiple exchanges and blockchains.

2.388 Descargas

tempest-time 0.5.0

Log your Tempo hours directly from the command line!

2.195 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.508.190

Para esta versión 414.402

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