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Dependencias inversas para twitter-bootstrap-rails Latest version of the following gems require twitter-bootstrap-rails

resque-web 0.0.12

A Rails-based frontend to the Resque job queue system.

2.034.668 Descargas

kaui 2.1.0

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

151.146 Descargas

ecm_pictures 0.0.21

Provides picture galleries for active admin.

55.935 Descargas

roroacms 1.0.0

A full Ruby On Rails CMS engine that is built soley for the purpose of extensibility

55.558 Descargas

nimbleshop_core 0.0.23

Provides core e-commerce support to nimbleShop

55.050 Descargas

itsf_backend 4.2.3

Painless Rails Admin UI.

51.724 Descargas

almanac 0.9.2

Almanac is the most elegant mountable blog engine that can be easily hooked up in the e...

50.692 Descargas

fuelux-rails 2.5.1

fuelux-rails project integrates Fuel UX Bootstrap extensions for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

46.845 Descargas

rich_table_component 0.0.30

Rich Table Component with advanced search, export file, and generate recapitulation

44.681 Descargas

easy_reports 0.0.27

Rails engine for interactive charts for rails apps.

40.825 Descargas

active_application 0.3.1

Application framework for Rails

35.327 Descargas

model_manage 0.2.1


27.964 Descargas

ecm_cms2 5.1.2

CMS base module for ruby on rails.

27.275 Descargas

ecm_news2 5.2.0

Provides News functionality for ruby on rails.

25.251 Descargas

ecm_pictures2 6.0.0

ECM Picture galleries module for ruby on rails.

23.830 Descargas

gossiper 0.5.2

Eases the creation of email messages as well as user notification systems

23.632 Descargas

spurs 0.0.5

Helpers and extensions for the Twitter Bootstrap user interface

23.243 Descargas

ecm_cms 1.0.5.pre

CMS Module for active admin.

23.038 Descargas

kanaui 2.1.3

Rails UI plugin for the Analytics plugin.

21.434 Descargas

ecm_downloads2 5.0.4

Provides downloads for active admin.

18.265 Descargas

csp_report 1.0.1

Provide reporting and analysis of your site CSP violations

17.434 Descargas

ecm_user_area2 4.0.2

ECM User Area.

15.793 Descargas

my-feedback-form 0.0.8

Rails gem to provide feedback form for Rails 3 apps.

15.571 Descargas

rails_pitfall 1.0.7

Bundle of components already configured, for an adaptable/all-purpose application.

14.829 Descargas

ecm_courses2 1.1.4

Ecm::Courses Module.

14.359 Descargas

backtastic 0.4.0

Create backbone twitter bootstrap form views easily using helpers. Handle and display ...

13.057 Descargas

rails_autocomplete 0.1.0

Hassle-free autocomplete for Rails 3

13.021 Descargas

rtc_datatable 0.0.6

Rich Table Component with advanced search, export file, and generate recapitulation

12.110 Descargas

apptamers-bootstrap 1.0.3

Apptamers Bootstrap is a basic design for SaaS application created by Apptamers

11.056 Descargas

bootstrap_datepicker 0.7

View helper that allows to select dates from a calendar (using jQuery and Twitter Boots...

9.646 Descargas

Total de descargas 7.125.305

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