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Reverse dependencies for watir Latest version of the following gems require watir

watir-performance 0.9.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

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wmap 2.8.3

wmap is written to perform Internet web application / service discovery. The discovery ...

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henry-dummy 0.0.17

Henry library to recreate testing scenarios.

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sumo-check-sumo 0.0.31

Sumo Sensu gem for testing our front end website

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watir_angular 0.4.1

Adds direct support for Angular specific locators and waiting strategies for use with W...

19,032 下載

druid-ts 1.2.6

Druid DSL that works with Watir

15,860 下載

marta 0.41245

Element location tool for your watir autotests.

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axe-core-watir 4.2.1

Watir webdriver injected with Axe

15,529 下載

spider_rails 4.0.4


15,342 下載

test_utils 0.2.9

Test automation utils

14,353 下載

lineup 0.7.3

lineup takes to screenshots of your app and compares them to references in order to fin...

14,334 下載

watir_pump 0.4.8

Page Object pattern for Watir. Hacker friendly and enterprise ready.

14,247 下載

testnow 0.1.3

A gem to configure your WebDriver-Ruby automation framework. Write your tests, leave th...

14,134 下載

watir-formhandler 2.7.0

Adds some convenience methods to fill out forms in Watir.

13,347 下載

arachnid2 0.4.0

A simple, fast web crawler

13,093 下載

watir_helper 1.0.3

This gem is developed for novice automation tester's to write automation scripts ...

12,068 下載

watigiri 0.7.0

By default Watir locates elements with Selenium; this gem will replace Selenium calls w...

11,608 下載

insite 0.2.6

Page object library with an emphasis on simplified navigation and reusable code. It has...

10,732 下載

gared 0.0.23

A set of scrapers for bibliographic records of Hebrew titles

9,991 下載

browsenator 1.6.1

Easily start different browsers in desktop and mobile devices

9,736 下載

cucumber_steps 0.0.6

collection of often used cucumber steps to avoid the violation of DRY principle

9,437 下載

testable 1.0.0

Provides a semantic DSL to construct fluent interfaces for test execution logic.

9,043 下載

opengraph_transporter 0.0.5

A Ruby library for exporting Facebook Open Graph Translations between Developer Applica...

8,976 下載

transportscrapper 1.1.0

Scraps the transport data from nationalbuseireann

8,242 下載

wsl 0.1.6

WSL (WATiR Scripting Language) is a DSL built on top of WATiR that allows for the autom...

8,124 下載

r2-oas 0.5.0

== Let's intuitively write API documentation with Swagger Editor in your Rails Project!...

8,105 下載

generic_test 0.1.13

Easy way to run generic tests for a website/api.

8,004 下載

fetch_news 0.0.8

A simple spider gem

7,552 下載

ffmpeg-screenrecorder 1.0.0

Record your computer screen - desktop or specific application/window - using FFmpeg. NO...

7,375 下載

scrap_kit 0.1.16

Run JSON-based recipes to scrap web sites.

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