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watir 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require watir

page-object 2.3.1

Page Object DSL that works with both Watir and Selenium

10,324,312 下载

axe-matchers 2.6.1

axe-matchers provides matchers that wrap the axe-core accessibility library. The matc...

2,723,133 下载

puffing-billy 2.4.1

A stubbing proxy server for ruby. Connect it to your browser in integration tests to fa...

1,888,077 下载

watir-scroll 0.4.0

Scrolling API for Watir

1,324,864 下载

webdriver-user-agent 7.8

A helper gem to emulate populate device user agents and resolutions when using webdriver

928,683 下载

watir-rails 2.2.3

Use Watir ( in Rails.

549,729 下载

watir-dom-wait 0.3.3

Watir extension which provides with method to check for DOM changes.

452,720 下载

screen-recorder 1.5.0

A Ruby gem to video record and take screenshots of your desktop or specific applicatio...

370,524 下载

watirsome 0.2.2

Pure dynamic Watir-based page object DSL

356,259 下载

watir-screenshot-stitch 0.7.6

Extends Watir to take stitched-together screenshots of full web pages.

286,944 下载

watir-rspec 3.0.0

Use Watir with RSpec with ease.

245,096 下载

axe-core-api 4.2.1

Axe API utility methods

153,343 下载

watir-ng 2.1.1

Use AngularJS ng directives as element identifiers with watir-webdriver

147,492 下载

onlyoffice_webdriver_wrapper 0.15.0

ONLYOFFICE Webdriver Wrapper Gem. Used in QA

141,517 下载

sbsm 1.6.0

Application framework for state based session management

78,965 下载

lapis_lazuli 3.0.2

LapisLazuli provides cucumber helper functions and scaffolding for easier (web) tes...

76,779 下载

taza 3.0.0

Taza is an opinionated page object framework.

48,082 下载

brand2csv 0.3.2

brand2csv creates csv files for swiss brand registered in a specific time period. The...

48,072 下载

watir_drops 0.7.2

This gem leverages the Watir test framework to allow for easy modeling of specific web ...

47,022 下载

struggle 2.4.5


46,103 下载

qfunction 0.1.6

Nice Function

37,699 下载

watchdoge 0.1.27

WatchDoge is Ruby on Rails friendly frontend regression test tool

36,255 下载

watir-get-image-content 0.0.4

Get Watir::Image's content copy without external download

31,494 下载

cello 0.0.35

Cello is a framework that allows automate acceptance tests using page-object

29,486 下载

saber 1.2.4

A complete solution for PT users.

29,351 下载

chemlab 0.7.2

Automation framework built by GitLab, for the world.

29,070 下载

uptime_monitor 0.7.10

A Ragios plugin that uses a real web browser to monitor transactions on a website for a...

25,432 下载

te3270 0.9.0

Automates a 3270 Terminal Emulator

23,533 下载

RDee 0.9

Dynamically create a connection for Selenium or Watir selecting the browser, version, a...

21,622 下载

watir-performance 0.9.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

20,494 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0