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websitiary 0.1.0

DESCRIPTION: This is a script for monitoring webpages that reuses other programs (w3m, diff, webdiff etc.) to do most of the actual work. By default, it works on an ASCII basis, i.e. with the output of text-based webbrowsers like w3m (or lynx, links etc.) as the output can easily be post-processed. With the help of some friends (see the section below on requirements), it can also work with HTML. E.g., if you have websec installed, you can also use its webdiff program to show colored diffs. By default, this script will use w3m to dump HTML pages and then run diff over the current page and the previous backup. Some pages are better viewed with lynx or links. Downloaded documents (HTML or ASCII) can be post-processed (e.g., filtered through some ruby block that extracts elements via hpricot and the like). Please see the configuration options below to find out how to change this globally or for a single source. === CAVEAT: The script also includes experimental support for monitoring whole websites. Basically, this script supports robots.txt directives (see requirements) but this is hardly tested and may not work in some cases. While it is okay for your own websites to ignore robots.txt, it is not for others. Please make sure that the webpages you run this program on allow such a use. Some webpages disallow the use of any automatic downloader or offline reader in their user agreements.


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