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WWMD was originally intended to provide a console helper tool for conducting web application security assessments (which is something I find myself doing alot of). I've spent alot of time and had alot of success writing application specific fuzzers + scrapers to test with. WWMD provides a base of useful code to help you work with web sites both in IRB and by writing scripts that can be as generic or as application specific as you choose. There's alot of helpful stuff crammed in here and its usage has evolved alot. It's not intended to replace, remove or be better than any of the tools you currently use. In fact, WWMD works best *with* the tools you currently use to get stuff done. You get convenience methods for getting, scraping, spidering, decoding, decrypting and munging user inputs, pages and web applications. It doesn't try to be smart. That's up to you. What's here is the basic framework for getting started. There's a raft of cookbook scripts and examples that are coming soon so make sure you check the wiki regularly.


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