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Reverse dependencies for xmpp4r 0.5.6


Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3-p1...

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xmpp4r-robot 0.3.0

Simple XMPP client built upon xmpp4r. Intended for building simple robots.

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chef-jabber-snitch 0.0.4

An exception handler for OpsCode Chef runs (GitHub Gists & Jabber)

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fluent-plugin-jabber 0.4.0

Fluentd output plugin for XMPP(Jabber) protocol

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xmpp4r-hipchat 0.1.0

HipChat / Slack XMPP Client

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capistrano-jabber-notifications 0.2.0

Sending notifications about deploy to jabber

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scashin133-xmpp4r-simple 0.8.9

Jabber::Simple takes the strong foundation laid by xmpp4r and hides the relatively ...

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happy_fun_time_bot 0.2.0

Easily create bots that can respond to anything!

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enough_fields 0.0.3

help to use specified fields for mongoid

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gossip 0.3.2

Library to broadcast messages to multiple destinations + scripts that use it

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google_chat 0.0.3

gem that makes it easy to send IM using google chat

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cuttlebone 0.1.5

Cuttlebone helps you creating shell-alike applications.

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jabber-tee 0.2.0

Installs the 'jabber-tee' utility for sending messages to a remote jabber server. Inst...

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xmpp4r-simple-19 1.0.0

Jabber::Simple takes the strong foundation laid by xmpp4r and hides the relatively ...

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sclemmer-robut 0.6.3

A simple plugin-enabled HipChat bot

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markify 0.2.2

Markify is a ruby script to detect new marks or course assessments in the student infor...

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sensu-plugins-xmpp 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for working with xmpp

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sendxmpp 0.1.0

Send messages from the console to a XMPP server

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badcarl-integrity-jabber 0.1.1

A jabber notifier for integrity

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easy-gtalk-bot 1.0.2

easy-gtalk-bot lets you create and run GTalk bot in 5 minutes

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xm 0.0.5

"send xm(pp) messages quickly everywhere"

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gnms 2.1.1

GNMS is a graphical tool used to monitor state of network elements

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del 0.1.19

Del is a funky robosapien.

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tyler-uppercut 0.7.1

A DSL for writing agents and notifiers for Jabber.

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rjp-jabber_cat 0.0.7

Simple Socket-to-Jabber gateway

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archipel-api 5

Ruby API for Archipel Agent, an XMPP-based orchestrator. See

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facebook_chat 0.0.1

Facebook Chat API Client

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joggle 0.1.1

Jabber/Twitter relay, written in Ruby.

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jabot 0.3

Jabber bot with DSL

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viking-biobot 0.0.4

An XMPP bot for Vanderbilt Biostatistics

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