Cytoplasm is the gel-like substance that houses the nucleus and organelles of every cell of every organism on the planet Earth, as well as a jQuery-based bootstrap library for Ruby 1.9/Rails 3 designed and developed independently by MacKinley Smith, which builds upon LESS CSS and jQuery/jQuery UI Frameworks to make your application beautiful, responsive, and recustomizable without diving into code. It comes complete with a settings partial that can be used to restyle any page of your site directly from your browser, a FontLoader class for you typographers, as well as a lightweight jQuery library that transforms your HTML5 complient form elements into sleek, sexy, and incredibly versatile counterparts.

installgem install cytoplasm

MacKinley Smith

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gem 'cytoplasm', '~> 0.4.5'
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  5. 0.4.1 February 24, 2013 (4.76 MB)
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Development Dependencies
  1. sqlite3 >= 0