Dead Simple CMS is a library for modifying different parts of your website without the overhead of having a fullblown CMS. The idea with this library is simple: provide an easy way to hook into different parts of your application (not only views) by defining the different parts to modify in an easy, straight-forward DSL. The basic components of this library include: * A DSL to define the changeable values in your app * Form generators based on SimpleForm (with or without Bootstrap) and default rails FormBuilder * Expandable storage mechanisms so you can store the data in different locations * Currently supported: Redis, Database, Memcache, even Memory (for testing) * Presenters/renderers so you can take groups of variables and render them into your views (ie image_tag) What it doesn't have: * Versioning - be able to look at old versions of the content * Timing - set start and end time for different content * Page builder tools - this is not the right tool if you want to design full pages

installgem install dead_simple_cms

Aryk Grosz

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