Ruby's core Forwardable gets the job done(barely) and produces most unreadable code. Furthermore it is about twice as slow (1.9.2-p290) or thrice as slow (1.9.3-p0) as it needs to be. This is a nonintrusive (as is Forwardable) module that allows to delegate methods to instance variables, objects returned by instance_methods, other methods of the same receiver, the receiver itself, a chain of messages or an arbitrary object. Paramters can be provided in the forwarding definition (parially or totally=. It also defines some AOP support as after and before filters. Performance will be pushed to 2~3 times of Fowardable with the 0.2 branch of this gem

installgem install forwarder19 -v 0.2.0.rc3 --pre

Robert Dober

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gem 'forwarder19', '~> 0.2.0.rc3'
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