Hirb provides a mini view framework for console applications and uses it to improve ripl(irb)'s default inspect output. Given an object or array of objects, hirb renders a view based on the object's class and/or ancestry. Hirb offers reusable views in the form of helper classes. The two main helpers, Hirb::Helpers::Table and Hirb::Helpers::Tree, provide several options for generating ascii tables and trees. Using Hirb::Helpers::AutoTable, hirb has useful default views for at least ten popular database gems i.e. Rails' ActiveRecord::Base. Other than views, hirb offers a smart pager and a console menu. The smart pager only pages when the output exceeds the current screen size. The menu is used in conjunction with tables to offer two dimensional menus.

installgem install hirb -v 0.4.3

Gabriel Horner

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