Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email. It supports tagging, very fast full-text search, automatic contact-list management, and more. If you're the type of person who treats email as an extension of your long-term memory, Sup is for you. Sup makes it easy to: - Handle massive amounts of email. - Mix email from different sources: mbox files (even across different machines), Maildir directories, POP accounts, and GMail accounts. - Instantaneously search over your entire email collection. Search over body text, or use a query language to combine search predicates in any way. - Handle multiple accounts. Replying to email sent to a particular account will use the correct SMTP server, signature, and from address. - Add custom code to handle certain types of messages or to handle certain types of text within messages. - Organize email with user-defined labels, automatically track recent contacts, and much more! The goal of Sup is to become the email client of choice for nerds everywhere.

installgem install sup -v 0.12.1

William Morgan

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gem 'sup', '~> 0.12.1'
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