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  1. 311 downloads
    action_director (0.0.3) Directs objects' behaviors
  2. 8,060 downloads
    action_dispatch-gz_static (0.0.3) Serves the .gz files that are created by the asset precompiler
  3. 14,920 downloads
    action_event (0.0.3) A framework for asynchronous message processing in a Rails application.
  4. 6,528 downloads
    action_flow (0.2.0) A state-machine inspired mixin for controllers that makes creating flows and wizards dead simple.
  5. 4,103 downloads
    actionframework (0.2.2) A web framework built on top of Rack, it has the simplicity of sinatra and the structure of rails
  6. 906 downloads
    actionframework-baseapi (0.2.0) ActionFramework class to create simple API's (kind of like Grape)
  7. 3,879 downloads
    action-gmailer (0.1.0) ActionGmailer, oauth/gmail delivery method
  8. 33,260 downloads
    action-guard (1.2.1) authorisation module of actions based on url-paths for usage in Rails and possibly other ruby bas...
  9. 4,837 downloads
    action-hero (0.5.0) Move actions from methods in Rails controllers to action classes.
  10. 4,066 downloads
    action_interceptor (0.3.0) Action Interceptor provides controllers that require users to perform some task, then redirect th...
  11. 10,518 downloads
    actionio-inifile (2.0.4) Parses ansible ini files
  12. 5,797 downloads
    action-jackson (0.0.1) DSL for defining dependencies between rails actions and before_filters.
  13. 196,113 downloads
    action_kit_api (0.4.8) Provides encapsulated object access through the ActionKit API.
  14. 1,866 downloads
    action_kit_rest (0.2.2) Gem for interacting with the ActionKit API
  15. 517 downloads
    action_labels (0.0.1) A collection of helpers to easily created internationalized crud links without bugging the transl...
  16. 42,818 downloads
    action_links (0.4.1) Automatically includes action links (show, edit, destroy) based on the current page and user role...
  17. 19,971 downloads
    action_logger (0.1.2) Log actions in your Rails app
  18. 34,567,169 downloads
    actionmailer (4.1.6) Email on Rails. Compose, deliver, receive, and test emails using the familiar controller/view pat...
  19. 7,161 downloads
    actionmailer-2.3.17-rack-upgrade (2.3.17) Makes it trivial to test and deliver emails sent from a single service layer.
  20. 118 downloads
    action_mailer_auto_url_options (1.0.0) Make ActionMailer use the current request host and protocol for URL generation
  21. 7,065 downloads
    ActionMailer-Base-to-use-an-absolute-path-template (1.0.0) See
  22. 48,678 downloads
    action_mailer_cache_delivery (0.3.7) Cache delivery method for ActionMailer for testing emails with Selenium
  23. 29,870 downloads
    actionmailer-callbacks (1.1.0) adds before_create, around_create callbacks to action mailer 3
  24. 5,531 downloads
    actionmailer_csi ( Makes it trivial to test and deliver emails sent from a single service layer.
  25. 17,466 downloads
    action_mailer_deliver_later (0.1.2) Use Resque to asynchronously sending email messages.
  26. 423 downloads
    actionmailer-deliver_later (0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  27. 6,231 downloads
    action_mailer-enqueable (2.0.0) Serialize and enqueue deliveries for existing mailers
  28. 29,571 downloads
    actionmailer_extensions (0.5.3) Wraps the deliver! method on ActionMailer to save the outgoing mail to a .eml file, which ...
  29. 5,644 downloads
    actionmailer_host_autoset (0.3.0) Sets :host for url_for calls within ActionMailer. A repackaged and renamed version of http://gith...
  30. 117,428 downloads
    actionmailer_inline_css (1.5.3) Module for ActionMailer to improve the rendering of HTML emails by using the 'premailer' gem, whi...