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  1. 5,870 downloads
    activeadmin-mongomapper (0.0.1) ActiveAdmin hacks to support mongomapper (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
  2. 2,736 downloads
    active_admin_multi_upload (0.0.4) Allows a user to upload multiple files within Active Admin. Includes features such as Progress Ba...
  3. 6,935 downloads
    activeadmin_pagedown (0.0.2) Pagedown widget for ActiveAdmin.
  4. 861 downloads
    active_admin_pagination (0.2.0) Provides a pagination 'per page' interface for ActiveAdmin. It renders a sidebar section with a n...
  5. 707 downloads
    activeadmin-redactor (0.2.1) Redactor WYSIWYG Editor Integration for ActiveAdmin resources.
  6. 5,231 downloads
    active_admin_relationship_filters (0.1.0) Provides a few more filter options to ActiveAdmin allowing you to easily traverse relationships o...
  7. 431 downloads
    activeadmin_reorderable (0.0.1) Add drag and drop reordering to ActiveAdmin tables.
  8. 1,471 downloads
    activeadmin-select2 (0.1.5) With ActiveAdmin-Select2 you are able to chose Select2 as a drop-down entry option in Forms and F...
  9. 168,314 downloads
    activeadmin-selleo-cms (0.0.61) ActiveAdmin CMS extension
  10. 101,757 downloads
    activeadmin-settings (0.4.4) Easy to use general purpose settings backend for activeadmin
  11. 17,654 downloads
    active_admin_sidebar (0.0.4) extension for activeadmin gem to manage sidebar
  12. 486 downloads
    activeadmin_sortable (0.0.1.pre) Extends ActiveAdmin to provide a page on which to sort a model's instances.
  13. 15,159 downloads
    activeadmin-sortable (0.0.3) Drag and drop sort interface for ActiveAdmin tables
  14. 222 downloads
    active_admin-sortable_tree (0.0.1) SortableTree provides sorting of lists and hierarchies from ActiveAdmin index views.
  15. 2,389 downloads
    active_admin-state_machine (0.1.1) Provides easy DSL integration between ActiveAdmin & state_machine
  16. 353 downloads
    active_admin-subnav (0.0.1) Currently, ActiveAdmin 1.0pre resets the top navigation menu to display the sub navigation menu f...
  17. 896 downloads
    activeadmin-therole (0.0.4) ActiveAdmin and TheRole integration
  18. 7,052 downloads
    activeadmin_tinymce (0.2.4) This is a wysiwyg html editor for the Active Admin interface using TinyMCE. Editor supports inser...
  19. 2,599 downloads
    active_admin_tokeninput (0.0.32) Turn fields to a token autocomplete in active_admin
  20. 24,825 downloads
    activeadmin-translate (0.2.2) Translate your models in ActiveAdmin with Globalize3.
  21. 16,225 downloads
    active_admin_usertasks (1.0.0) This provides some rake tasks to solve issues with activeadmin as used in production. Namely, th...
  22. 93 downloads
    active_annotation (0.0.1) Really soon in the best Gemfiles.
  23. 9,410 downloads
    activeapi (0.0.2) An out of box API built for Rails.
  24. 16,257 downloads
    active_api (0.2.1) An api layer for ruby
  25. 22,787 downloads
    active_application (0.3.1) Application framework for Rails
  26. 949 downloads
    active-asari (0.0.2) ActiveAsari is a Ruby interface for AWS CloudSearch. It uses Asari as a foundation and make it w...
  27. 173 downloads
    active_asset (0.0.1a) An application to process files and other files
  28. 114,546 downloads
    active_assets (1.1.3) A Railtie that provides an asset management system for css, javascript, and sprites in your Rails...
  29. 15,233 downloads
    activeasync (0.0.3) Provides async methods ruby objects for queuing background jobs. Currently supports Resque. Bonus...
  30. 609,178 downloads
    active_attr (0.8.4) Create plain old ruby models without reinventing the wheel.