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  1. 125,744 downloads
    activeldap (4.0.2) 'ActiveLdap' is a ruby library which provides a clean objected oriented interface to the ...
  2. 7,710 downloads
    activeldap3 (1.2.3) working towards getting active ldap to work on rails 3
  3. 436 downloads
    active_ldap-dynamic_finders (0.1.0) ActiveLdap dynamic finders
  4. 5,969 downloads
    activeldap-fabrication (1.0.1) 'ActiveLdap Fabrication' is an ActiveLdap adapter for Fabrication. It means that you can use Fabr...
  5. 31,897 downloads
    active_leonardo (0.2.3) This generator help you to create new Rails applications to combine with active admin gem. It gen...
  6. 188,291 downloads
    active_link_to (1.0.2) Helpful method when you need to add some logic that figures out if the link (or more often naviga...
  7. 58,848 downloads
    active-list (5.0.1) Generates action methods to provide clean tables.
  8. 387 downloads
    active_lock (1.0.2) Declares ActiveLock module that contains #lock and #unlock methods.
  9. 5,433 downloads
    activelogger (0.0.1) Access to your Rails application logs through the web
  10. 22,431 downloads
    active_lucene (0.6) ActiveRecord/ActiveModel's like interface for Lucene
  11. 5,962 downloads
    active_mac (0.0.1) Provides an ORM interface to the data of any AppleScript-enabled application. Useful for querying...
  12. 2,266 downloads
    active_mailbox (0.0.1) ActiveMailbox provides a simple API and command line utility to work with voicemail boxes...
  13. 21,116 downloads
    active_mailer (0.0.9) Application that have complext email sending logic have DRYness problems. ActiveMailersolves that...
  14. 330 downloads
    active_mapper (0.0.2) Data mapper using ActiveRecord for data access
  15. 31,979 downloads
    activemdb (0.2.2) Intended for exploration and migration, not production. And it's *READ ONLY*, so don't try to get...
  16. 1,884 downloads
    active_median (0.1.0) Median for ActiveRecord
  17. 59,404 downloads
    activemenu (0.8.0) A toolkit for menus.
  18. 1,652,312 downloads
    activemerchant (1.42.9) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  19. 830 downloads
    activemerchant-abn-ideal (1.7.0b) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  20. 5,122 downloads
    activemerchant_alipay (0.0.2) Activemerchant patch for china online payment platform alipay
  21. 598 downloads
    active_merchant_allpay (0.1.3) A rails plugin to add active_merchant patch for Taiwan payment
  22. 5,400 downloads
    activemerchant-anz-gateway (0.1.0) Provides an interface to ANZ for the Activemerchant library, fork of github@anujluthra's work
  23. 28,303 downloads
    activemerchant_banklink (0.0.6) Adds Banklink support to ActiveMerchant library. Banklink is provided by major banks in the Balti...
  24. 15,840 downloads
    activemerchant-bpoint (1.0.2) An ActiveMerchant plugin that provides a full featured BPOINT gateway. Development sponsored by S...
  25. 16,969 downloads
    active_merchant_card_flex (0.0.7) Provide support for CardFlex's standard integration and stored profile tokenization integrations.'
  26. 7,091 downloads
    active_merchant_ccavenue (0.1.0) CCAvenue integration for ActiveMerchant
  27. 9,654 downloads
    activemerchant-clickandbuy (0.2.0) This gem provides integration of ClickandBuy with Active Merchant
  28. 5,499 downloads
    active_merchant_cyber_source_subscriptions (0.1.0) Replaces the cyber source gateway with one capable of subscriptions.
  29. 1,094 downloads
    active_merchant_ebs (0.0.1) Active merchant integration for EBS Payment Gateway from India
  30. 10,999 downloads
    activemerchant-est ( Framework and tools for dealing with credit card transactions.