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  1. 5,728 downloads
    amplify (1.1.2) AmplifyJS is a set of components designed to solve common web application problems with a simplis...
  2. 440 downloads
    amplitude (0.1.0) Amplitude is a Transmission RPC client written in ruby.
  3. 2,307 downloads
    amp-pure (0.5.0) Version Control in Ruby. Mercurial Compatible. Big Ideas. (Pure-Ruby version)
  4. 9,126 downloads
    ampt (0.2.2) This is a command line client for the Acoustics Media Player (amp).
  5. 4,693 downloads
    ampv (1.2.2) A minimal GTK2 mpv frontend.
  6. 516,748 downloads
    amq-client (1.0.4) amq-client is a fully-featured, low-level AMQP 0.9.1 client with pluggable networking I/O adapter...
  7. 1,174,373 downloads
    amqp (1.5.0) Widely used, feature-rich asynchronous RabbitMQ client with batteries included.
  8. 356 downloads
    amqparty (0.0.2) AMQP-HTTP compliant replacement for HTTParty
  9. 24,856 downloads
    amqp-boilerplate (1.2.0) Collection of modules that aid in setting up AMQP producers and consumers.
  10. 2,972 downloads
    amqpcat (0.0.2) A netcat inspired command line tool for reading and writing simple messages to AMQP based message...
  11. 859 downloads
    amqpcat-hw (0.0.2) A netcat inspired command line tool for reading and writing simple messages to AMQP based message...
  12. 5,248 downloads
    amqp-daemon-kit (1.0.1) amqp-daemon-kit is derived from the larger daemon-kit gem with updates to modernize and optimize ...
  13. 8,668 downloads
    amqp_directory_broadcaster (1.0.5) Read messages from a directory and send them to an AMQP exchange
  14. 4,162 downloads
    amqp-events (0.0.3) Distributed Events/RPC system using AMQP as a transport (pre-alpha)
  15. 6,087 downloads
    amqp-failover (0.0.3) Add multi-server failover and fallback to amqp gem.
  16. 1,398 downloads
    amqp_helpers (0.2.0) Simple helpers to achieve various AMQP tasks.
  17. 2,891 downloads
    amqp-hermes (1.0.1) Wrapper around ruby-amqp to make pub/sub easier
  18. 8,131 downloads
    amqp_logging (0.5.5) A ruby logger class that logs to an AMQP exchange in addition to your default log device.
  19. 9,497 downloads
    amqp_notifier (0.0.7) AMQP & Qusion helper class
  20. 2,325 downloads
    amqpop (0.0.2) Command line AMQP consumer
  21. 3,809 downloads
    amqp-processing (0.0.2) A server that allows multiple users to view and program a shared Ruby-Processing sketch.
  22. 1,382,387 downloads
    amq-protocol (1.9.2) amq-protocol is an AMQP 0.9.1 serialization library for Ruby. It is not an AMQP client: amq-p...
  23. 45,535 downloads
    amqp-spec (0.3.8) Simple API for writing asynchronous EventMachine and AMQP specs. Runs legacy EM-Spec based exampl...
  24. 14,104 downloads
    amqp-subscribe-many (0.2.2) Codifies best practices and configuration when consuming from multiple AMQP brokers simultaneously
  25. 3,127 downloads
    amqp-tools (0.0.5) command line tools for AMQP/RabbitMQ
  26. 26,675 downloads
    amqp-utils (0.5.1) Command line utilies for interacting with AMQP compliant queues. The intention is provide s...
  27. 360 downloads
    amqurl (0.0.1) AMQP-HTTP compliant curl clone
  28. 1,212 downloads
    amr_google_calendar (0.2.3) A fork of the Google Calendar gem by Steve Zich. The gem is a minimal wrapper around the google c...
  29. 8,618 downloads
    amrita2 (2.0.2) Amrita2 is a a xml/xhtml template library for Ruby
  30. 2,395 downloads
    am-sendgrid (0.1.0) Makes it easy to call the sendgrid SMTP api from ActionMailer