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  1. 22,631 downloads
    amazon-ses-mailer (0.0.4) Amazon SES mailer
  2. 5,329 downloads
    amb (0.0.5) This gem is a compilation of several implementations of the ambiguous function/operator, useful f...
  3. 3,583 downloads
    ambassador (0.0.2) The Ambassador API exposes RESTful URLs that return data in either XML or JSON. Use this gem to q...
  4. 2,085 downloads
    amber (0.3.2) Amber is a super simple and super flexible static website generator with support for nice localiz...
  5. 7,483 downloads
    amberbit-config (1.2.1) Reads YAML files with configuration. Allows you to specify default configuration file you can sto...
  6. 832 downloads
    amberbit-prawn-fast-png (0.2.1) An extension of Prawn that improves the performance when embedding PNG images containing an alpha...
  7. 1,464 downloads
    amberlock (0.0.2) AmberLock gem for Rails
  8. 1,792 downloads
    AmberRack (0.1.0) Smalltalk brought to the web
  9. 1,708 downloads
    amber-rails (0.1.0) Rails 3 engine that exposes Amber (JS, CSS, and WebDAV)
  10. 2,276 downloads
    ambert-simplekiss (0.2.1) A simple library which adds KISSMetrics javascript to your pages, based on a YAML config file
  11. 4,423 downloads
    AmberVM (0.0.20) A ruby based VM that lets one add secure scripting to ruby applications.
  12. 426 downloads
    ambethia-backup (0.1.0) Beginning-to-end solution for backups and rotation.
  13. 212 downloads
    ambethia-bj (1.2.1) Backgroundjob (Bj) is a brain dead simple, zero admin, background priority queue for Rails.
  14. 217 downloads
    ambethia-git-railed (0.1) Setup a new rails app, git repo, and all the initial prep in one step.
  15. 412 downloads
    ambethia-google-client_login (1.1.0) A simple library for authenticating against the Google ClientLogin API
  16. 204 downloads
    ambethia-jsmin (1.0.1) Ruby implementation of Douglas Crockford's JSMin JavaScript minifier.
  17. 2,363 downloads
    ambethia-mousetrap (0.5.1) CheddarGetter API Client in Ruby
  18. 211 downloads
    ambethia-rack-google_analytics (1.0.0) Embeds GA tracking code in the bottom of HTML documents
  19. 236 downloads
    ambethia-recaptcha (0.2.2) This plugin adds helpers for the reCAPTCHA API
  20. 651 downloads
    ambethia-smtp-tls (1.1.2) A gem package for the SMTP TLS code that's been floating around for years
  21. 14,458 downloads
    ambience (2.0.0) App configuration feat. YAML and JVM properties
  22. 2,290 downloads
    ambient (0.1.0) Allow the color and animation settings to be changed on an Ambient Ord or Beacon -
  23. 582 downloads
    ambient_spec (0.13.2) Creates an ambient soundscape for your test suite.
  24. 10,702 downloads
    ambit (0.13) Ambit is a ruby non-deterministic programming system with backtracking and branch cut.
  25. 32,876 downloads
    ambition (0.5.4) Ambition builds yer API calls from plain jane Ruby.
  26. 4,611 downloads
    ambitious-activeldap (0.1.1) An ambitious adapter for ActiveLDAP
  27. 6,791 downloads
    ambitious-activerecord (0.1.3) An ambitious adapter for ActiveRecord
  28. 5,201 downloads
    ambitious_seeder (0.1.0) Create seeds for rails apps and load them in. Make it easier to manage data between your differen...
  29. 4,564 downloads
    ambitious-sphinx (0.1.1) An ambitious adapter for sphinx
  30. 4,835 downloads
    ambling (0.0.2) Ambling is a rails plugin makes it easy to generate XML needed by the wonderfully slick Amcharts ...